My boyfriend constantly complains about my job but he doesn't have one: Advice?

My boyfriend and me have been together for 7 years. He technically lives across the street from me with his mom but is at my house every night, he really is only at his when I’m at work or to eat. He had a job when we first together but 6 months into the relationship, I had a really bad car wreck. He left his job and took care of my son and me for two years until I was fully recovered. So for the last four years of our relationship, he has not had a job. At this point, I’m done fighting that battle, but the problem I’m having is he constantly grips about MY job! I work in health care, and census drops, so I get called off. I moved from one area, where I never got called off, to a different area that gave me a better schedule, but I get called off. Recently it’s been pretty frequent, but that’s just health care; it happens. He has gripped constantly about it. Saying things like “I told you not to leave the other area,” he never said that BTW. He never once said anything about me leaving the other area until I started getting called off! I get it; for a single mother, it probably wasn’t the best decision, but I wanted time with my kids, and I wasn’t getting that over there. So my old job came available over there. I was offered it but turned it down cause I would never see my kids! I would be working at the weekends. I have them! I said if they still have it in January, I would take it because at that point I could flip my weekends with my ex. So I called to tell him I am maybe working some nights this week and he started going off about how I should have taken my old job back and blah blah blah blah blah! Never mind, I would have to go all of December barely seeing my kids if I did, and the way the schedule is now I have Christmas off, if I were to go back over there I would be working Christmas Eve and Christmas day! It’s a struggle, yes, but actually seeing my kids means a lot to me! I am so mad at this point! Like how can you tell me what to do in my job when you don’t freaking have a job??? And then if I spend my money (the money I earned!!!) to get some tacos or something for dinner one night, he gets upset and says “I shouldn’t spend the money. I should save my money; I can’t afford to eat out! This is why he will never marry me because I splurge when I should be saving.” I’m serious, all that over freaking tacos! It’s my freaking money!!! I just don’t know how to handle it anymore! I have told him just to stop, but he continues! I am just done listening to his bullshit about my job. I’ve almost grown to resent him. Anytime he says anything about my job calling me off, I say, “well, it wouldn’t be too much of an issue if you would get a job.” I thought maybe he would take the hint but nope, still no job on his end! I have had full-blown fights with him over this like yelling, screaming, and crying fights. Still, no job! It is driving me crazy that he feels he can talk about my job when he can’t even get a job!! I just don’t know what to do anymore! Any advice would help here! I have put so much time in our relationship, and I really do love him, but I don’t want to be with someone that won’t get a job and belittles me over my choices!


Ever make a soup and no matter what you do, it still tastes off? Time to dump it.

You need someone in your life who wants to be there 100 percent of the time, wants to participate in actively and support you.

He has the best of both worlds in his eyes.

Just because you put a lot of time and effort in, doesn’t mean it’s worth the while to stay.

Know your worth and leave.


Make him get one or lock his ass out of your house. A man will only get away w what u let him. Put your foot down and say this isn’t up for discussion, it will be done or the relationship needs to be done

My advice is to move on. There is absolutely no reason for him to be unemployed. That’s crazy. Your relationship cannot move forward if it is all one sided. You are going to end up supporting him


Yea I’d drop him quicker than a bad habit.


I’m not even gonna read this … kick rocks dude

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Kick him to the curb!!!

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Well you need a real man to take
Care of you. Don’t you thank

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Girl you need a MAN not some little boy who lives with mommy and doesn’t work.


Move on dead beat going no where.

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For someone like himself who doesn’t work, he has no room to criticize or ask questions about your job. There’s a reason he doesn’t work and still lives with Mom.



I think you need to find a man NOT A MAN CHILD! Just sayin!!!


He needs to get off mommy’s tit be a man and work. Oh and act like a man. He’s a little punk

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You just need a whole new boyfriend

A jobless grown man living with his mother needs to think twice about telling someone else how to live their lives. Ask how much money he has been saving? I bet mom is paying for all the food. You had your kids before you had him and it wasn’t their choice to be here, they definitely need to come first.


You can do better then him. And do not feel like you owe him!

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Sooo what is he bring to your table exactly?

Let him move back across the street and have his mama take care of him and you find yourself a real man!!! Stop waisting your time, you deserve much bettter!!!

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I would do my best and move on. Change the locks on your home. Being in a rely is taking care of each other. He did that for you and you have been doing that for him. When things don’t change, you talk it out. That hasn’t worked. For you and your kids, make the decision to leave. I know it is easier said than done, but it will be worth it!

Get rid of him. He’s clearly a hypocrite and a user.

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