My boyfriend doesn't help at home and it causes arguments: Advice?

I’m six months pregnant, and things are worse than ever between my bf and I. I have a child from another relationship as well. We’ve been together for three years, and we’ve slowly argued more and more. He’s a good guy but so lazy at home. He works and provides for us, but I can’t get any help at home with the house. Yes, I work too. When we fight, I feel like he doesn’t care. He doesn’t try to work things out. We’ve even broken up, and he acts like it’s okay. He just sleeps when he’s stressed as if everything is okay. He loves my son, and my son loves him. Ever since I got pregnant, we’ve been fighting more and more to the point we’ve broken up, and we’re currently fighting now, and I’m not sure how it’s going to end. Sometimes I feel like I only stay with him because I don’t want to hurt my son by leaving. I know I love him, though. When we aren’t fighting, things can be great, and we’re happy. I just don’t feel like he’s reliable, and I feel like I’m his mother sometimes. I’ve hardly gotten any help during this pregnancy, and it’s making me resent him and causing me to have negative feelings about this pregnancy. I can be bossy sometimes too. Am I being stupid and overreacting? Should I just move on? Sometimes I feel like I’m just crazy or something and being too hard on him.


Only you can answer this question. A man will treat you the way you accept being treated. If you want him to acti differently then tell him. If no change, move on.


If it feels wrong, it is wrong. You don’t have to be treated less than your worth. Your a powerful woman, you got this


If hes not helping now, he wont later, its a HUGE issue. You need a partner not a 3rd child


You can’t change a man, if he wanted to change he would have already, you should not stay because of your son, you need to get out now and let him go, it will only get worse once the baby is born. You can do bad all by yourself, no need for a lazy man to hold you down.


It’s imperative that you express your expectations and be realistic about them with him at the same time. Understand that thing’s take time to change and for old habits to die. If you feel you can’t verbally express yourself, Write a letter. Do not put it in a text message! Be loving while expressing yourself and try not to come off forceful or resentful of the past. Let him know specifically what you really need help with the most and how much his help will help everything all together.

Hope the best for you.

You’re pregnant and your emotions are xs10 , but you’re absolutely right, he should be helping ffs! He seems selfish and who knows what else he will leave on your shoulders smh, I’d stay broken up u til he got his self together.


Stop doing his stuff! Don’t make his meals, don’t wash his clothes, don’t pick up after him…pick up/clean up after you and your child.


Trust me it will just get worse. If he doesn’t care he doesn’t care and theres not changing it.


Hes a boy, not a man, you are pregnant with his child and he is still not listening, doesn’t care about stressing you out, which is not good for you and baby and most importantly your child that is going through this too. Sounds to me that you are fighting a losing battle…kick him out. Move on…eventually and in a few years time you will look back on this and wonder why you ever wasted your time on him x


You either accept as is and be content that you are going to be super mom/house keeper or like myself. If I’m.doing it alone might as well be alone


My husband has always been this way… unfortunately, I’ve put up with it for 23 years…I should’ve ran a long time ago!!! Anytime I ask for help, he bitches at me and the kids and calls them lazy etc. Run is my suggestion!!!

Great books to read. Love and respect. Five love languages


If y’all are broken up and he doesn’t care, then stay that way. You should never stay in a relationship for a child. And unhappy mama makes for unhappy babies. My husband isn’t the best mind reader when it comes to stuff I want done. So I say “can you do this?” Or “can you do that?”. But one thing I never have to worry about: anything that has to do with my car, outside/yard stuff, bills being paid.

He sounds like a good man.Did you just ask why honey if u know we are having a baby do you not help me more?

A relationship therapist told me, he can’t tell you your feelings are wrong or vise versa. You can’t change a person. Weigh your pros and cons, but consider therapy. If he doesn’t change then you know you have the last say

Men will treat us of what we allow and if you do not say something it will continue. If you do say something (no attacking) and if he then does not move on.

He got what he wanted - an easy lay. Now you got knocked up and can’t figure out he didn’t want the wife package, he wanted the sex package and maybe some of the side benefits but NOT the partnership? You’d be married already if he was ready to step up. He’s not. And that you stay with him suggests you’re not really, either, so move on, get a roommate that will help out, make sure you make him pay child support (after all, taxpayers ain’t your baby daddy, he is) and learn to be more selective in the future.


Why force a relationship with someone who doesn’t care? I get that you worry about how your son will feel but HE DOES NOT, think about that…


You want a man who is not making you feel like you are a donkey - which happens when he puts the feet on the table and expects you to serve him! Especially when you carry this man’s child! A real man steps up to what he has to do, that’s why you have a strange feeling because its NOW that you need him and he is basicly showing already with his behaviour that he is letting you down. It’s not your fault that you have a child from a previous relationship already - that’s likely to happen today because men turned into sissies!