My boyfriend finds it disturbing that my 6-year-old son still co-sleeps with me: Thoughts?

My son is six years old, and he’s been sleeping in the same bed with me ever since he was born. We both almost lost our lives while I was giving birth to him, so I always have a close bond with my son. I have been in a relationship with this guy for about eight months; he moved in with my son and me a couple of months ago. My boyfriend has been complaining that my son needs to sleep in his own bed, and he makes fun of my son and me. He left me this morning saying it disgusting that my son sleeps with me, and it’s disturbing that he sleeps in the same bed as I do. At what age did your kids stop sleeping in the same bed as you, and do you think it’s disturbing that a kid sleeps in the same bed with your significant other? Am I wrong for letting my son sleep with me until I think he’s ready and what his thoughts on this situation?


Not wrong to sleep with you… but I believe it’s wrong to sleep with you and your bf.


Its weird that you let your son sleep with you and your boyfriend, yes. Just you, no.


You need to allow him to grow, cut the apron stings, you can still have an awesome relationship with him but he should be in his own bed


My boys are 6 and 4 and still sleep with me. You need to get rid of the dude 🤷


Sounds like it’s a whole lot of none of your boyfriends business.


Boy bye. Regardless if your feelings are right or wrong, he’s wrong. He needs to shut the hell up or go. Your son is number 1. What’s going to be the next issue with your son when he’s over this? It’s never ok for him to act like that.


If he has a problem with it he can go on somewhere. Your kids come first always. Sorry he’s so bothered :woman_shrugging:t2:


I slept with my parents until I was 8. No shame. Tell the boyfriend it ain’t his kid, after 6 months he doesnt get a say yet.


Dump him and move on. He is NOT the one. Your waisting your time with him. He’s jealous of your son,ridiculous


My oldest and I had a real close bond too but never co sleep. To each their own. But yes their own room and bed is a good thing and kid should be in school or starting school soon its time


Hes an idiot get rid of him


My daughter quit at 18 months I put her in her own room. She does occasionally have bad nights and ends in our bed and she is 3.

Your bf sounds verbally abusive or like he has some sort of childhood trama to be so freaked out by this but, now that your boyfriend lives with you… yea it’s time for the kid to sleep in his own bed! Also though, this isnt his kid so he has no attachment, adults get jealous too be mindful and watch for signs!


Agree with Sara Metcalf

Im jus gonna say this when my brothers and i stayed with my dad at his house id sleep in our room where as my brothers wanted to sleep in my dads room n that was up till they were like 8 or 9

Any man that tries to put himself before your child has got to go


Your boyfriend needs to go… your son is your number one priority and if this is how he’s reacting to your mother son bond while knowing the story behind it then he sounds like a real asshole

This is so sad. And also a big red flag in my opinion. In our house at 10 my step son wanted his own bed on his own. We only get so many cuddles until they dont want them anymore. We cherish the co sleeping with our 5 year old and will until she asks to sleep in her own bed.


It would be different if it was his own kid. I see your side. I let my kids sleep with me and my hubby whenever they want cause eventually they ain’t gonna want nothing to do with u anymore .tell the dude to move the hell out then or he can sleep on the couch. Kid was here first :woman_shrugging: