My boyfriend got a call from a strip club at midnight: Do I have the right to be upset?

Hi, I am quite confused right now as this happened just yesterday: I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second child with my boyfriend. Last night, my boyfriend and my brothers in law got together for drinks at home. Then I decided to go out for food after the drinks. All went well after, and so my boyfriend slept when they arrived back home. I could not sleep because of nausea every midnight. Just when I was about to sleep, my boyfriend’s phone rang once. My gut feeling told me to get his phone and check. On the phone was a caller named Janet and the name of a well-known strip club. I immediately called back the number and put it on record. She answered and asked if he was still coming over. I didn’t speak, and she dropped the call. I saved the voice record, took photos of his call log under her name. The saved number was recent, but he still called her a couple of times prior to that midnight. I woke him up to confront him, and he said he did nothing wrong, he was supposed to take my brothers in law since one of them requested to go, and he got her contact details a few nights ago since she called the police precinct for police assistance (boyfriend is a police officer). He claimed and voiced his feelings that he has never cheated on me, will never do so, and that they weren’t able to go to the club since they were caught on heavy traffic. I feel betrayed, and I couldn’t even tell my sisters about it. What should I do? Should I forgive and forget this? Am I overreacting? I have been too emotional after, and now, I am ordered by the doctor to go on bed rest due to threatened abortion. What should I do? I really am confused and desperate for guidance.


He’s cheating with a stripper & you need to get tested for diseases.


Girl go with your gut. There’s NO reason for him to have a strippers name programmed in his phone.


He’s full of shit! Strippers don’t call like that unless they know the person.


Not overreacting. He had her programmed in his phone… he’s lying 100%.


My concern is…2nd child with him…why hasn’t he stepped up to marry you and do right by you and his children? If he’s cheating…drop him…how disrespectful to do that durimg a pregnancy, have your doctor check you for std’s asap. The last thing you need is to pass somethimg along to your baby. If he can cheat while you are pregnant, he has no respect for you and never will. Respect yourself by walking away. If his story happens to be true…ok, fine, but, my concern is still that he is your “boyfriend” not your husband. Time for the guy to stop playimg house and step up and be a man now…his children are watching.

Cops love strippers unfortunately. Has he been spending alot of cash? If so it went straight to Janet

No way. Dont do any of that!:point_up: once you start calling other people digging to verify your gut feeling… its time to go. He is shady.

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Hes lying, you knw this…

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Even if there was a police report done, that misuse of information. Go with your gut.


Trust your gut. Not advice from social media.


Go to the source pay janet a polite visit

If you have a feeling in your gut it’s generally correct.


Your gut is usually right save yourself the hurt.


Hes cheating. My first fiance and I never got married, we are good friends and hes an officer. He stated all officers have a side piece so that they dont have to bring heaviness of job home to wife

Men will be men… sad story

Planning to go to a strip club without your knowledge alone is shady. Where he got her number and why he saved it, shady. Her calling to make sure he’s still coming, shady. Y u are on bedrest…“threatened abortion” shady :woman_shrugging:t4:


Lies. Follow your gut.


Looks like your boyfriend has 2 girlfriends. Just because you do NOT have sex … does NOT mean … he did NOT cheat! He is LooKing. End of STORY. :frowning:

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He is lying. You are pregnant. If he is messing with strippers…and you’re pregnant…he is risking your baby. He is selfish and he is a liar and if you just let it go then he will know he can continue on.

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