My boyfriend got me a christmas gift meant for our child: Thoughts?

My boyfriend and I have two kids together, a 2year old and a two month old and I’m a SAHM. Yesterday he let slip what my Christmas present is. First of all, when it comes to his present, I thought about it for a while and got him something he has wanted and will use literally immediately. It’s not expensive or fancy, nor does it need to be. For my present, he told me that it would help me with our two-year-old. My present is a DVD player that goes into the car for our two years old… am I crazy to think that my presence should be something for me? Don’t get me wrong; I love my kids more than anything and would die for them. But I don’t want every single aspect of my life to be 100% about them. I need something at some point that isn’t fully revolving around them. Maybe I’m just thinking too much into it? I’m not sure. Any advice would be great.


I’d be happy with that!


I think the thought is nice but maybe he should get you a second gift that’s just for you.


This is a man for you. :woman_facepalming:t3::joy::sweat_smile:


I have DVD players in my car. They aren’t cheap & they are very helpful to occupy the kids on car rides! Maybe you’ll reconsider when you use it :smile: it’ll make your life so much easier even though it’s meant for the kids.


Sounds like he doesn’t get you. You’re right. Take it back, and get u something.


It is for you. Your sanity lol


I think he maybe heard you say something and thought this would be a good way to give you peace while driving. I honestly think he was thinking of you.


My husband got me a car vaccum for my birthday girl I feel your struggle lol


It shouldn’t really be a present to just you then. It should be a present to both you and your child. Would be nice if he actually got something for you that was specifically for you. I know what you mean about separating the two. I’m a sahm and sometimes you feel like that’s all of who you are but it’s not


I think that’s a great gift

Imo it’s for you and your sanity as well lol men don’t think well appreciate he even got something for you. It’s about giving not getting.

Maybe he was trying to help you to have some peace and quiet in the car. Just a thought.


And this is why i always let everyone know what i want for presents because i am picky


Shoot i never want anything but stuff to make mommy time easy haha. Dang, i even like getting really expensive dyer sheets as a gift xD


That’s a family present :upside_down_face:

Sound very selfish if I must say.


It is for you if it keeps that 2yr old occupied so its not driving you crazy!

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It was nice that he was thinking about making things easier on you but I think he should of thought about something that’s just for you. Maybe tell him how you feel about it. Just let him know you appriciate it but would of liked something that was just meant for you.

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It may not feel like he put time and thought into it to you, it’s entirely possible that he was trying to help you have more peaceful car rides, which is actually thoughtful.

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