My boyfriend is an alcoholic: How should I handle this?

I am 6 months pregnant. My boyfriend promised he would quit drinking. I didn’t realize he had this bad of a drinking problem until now. He did well for about 6 weeks and then he had 2 slip ups. At first he lied to me about drinking, but I found out through a mutual friend that he was wasted. He promised he would go to AA because he didn’t want to lose me…well he lied about that too. He got wasted again and tried to lie again about drinking and won’t go to AA. I pretty much know where this is headed, but would like any advise. Thank you!


Ditch. Now. I’m sorry, but you need out.

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You need to leave and if it’s his baby start consulting an attorney now.


He wont stop drinking for you, he wont stop drinking for your child. He will only stop drinking for himself. Even if he really means it when he says it to you.
You have two choices, stay with a man that is an alcoholic and everything that it brings to you and your childs life, or leave and give you and your child a better chance at a successful life.


Only he can change if he wants to. You cant make someone do anything they dont want to.

You cannot make him stop drinking. He is an alcoholic (as am I) and will not quit until he is ready. It is iimportant that you have support. Contact an AlAnon Family Group in your area. You need it. Attend at least 3 months before you decide to leave or stay with it.


You need to tell him either he quits and is truthful with you, or you walk away. These people never change if you keep giving chances and enabling their behavior. You are doing him no favors if you stay and allow him to continue.


Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. He cant and won’t stop till he is ready. It’s not because he doesn’t love you or the baby. He is an alcoholic. I am in recovery. I wasnt able to stop for a very long time. It wasnt because I didnt not love my family because I did. I just didn’t know how to stop. You can leave. If you stay just know you may have a long road a head of you.

Run as fast as your legs can carry you,take care of yourself and your child,if he is already lying about drinking he is not going to change and no matter what you do you can’t change him until he recognizes that he has a problem.good luck🙏


U need to leave him now as he will keep telling u lies believe me aye no what aye am taking about aye was in a relationship like that so bag ur bags and get u and ur kids into a safe house and get the police involved if u have to

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He needs to spend some time in rehab then attend meetings.

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Try AA with him. Just a thought

He’s the only one who can help himself. You can leave and tell him that when he can stop lieing to you and help himself and prove himself then tell him you can talk, but until then he’s no going to stop until he hits rock bottom


You don’t need any advice. You already know what to do. Save yourself & save your unborn child. Or settle for a life of misery. You already KNOW what to do. Be Brave.


His sobriety is his responsibility. You need to leave.

It doesn’t get better until they want it. I promise you that. And most of the time they have to hit their bottom to “want it”. In the meantime you will suffer. Take care of YOU and baby. But he needs to go until he can prove he wants to be there over alcohol.


Does he drink all day every day or just party sometimes? Big difference

Unless he wants the change that the only way it is going to happen you cannot force hm t change

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A drunk is a drunk until he chooses. He more than likely drink heavier once the kid comes. Stress triggers a lot of bad behavior from people that need a 12.step program.

Cut ur losses n leave