My boyfriend is hiding the fact that he is talking to his ex: Do I have a right to be upset?

Hi, so this is a rant. My child’s father and I have been together on and off for five years. During the time when we were broken up, he started backdating a girl he talked to in high school (were 23). Long story short, we got back together, and she was out the picture. Recently she broke up with her bf apparently, and she sent him an IG request (after having him blocked for about a year) me having his IG signed in on my phone. I was able to see the request. He told me that he was not going to accept, and we let it go. Some time passed, and I decided to go through his phone, and I checked an old Instagram that he has logged in. Well, long and behold, he went and followed her on this other page! He thinks I’m crazy for being upset, but when I confronted him about it, he lied until I literally had to prove to him that I knew. My issue is not the follow; it’s more so that he knows how I feel about her, and he went behind my back doing it off of another Instagram thinking that I would never see it. Am I wrong for being mad? Anonymous


I would’ve been pissed tbh.

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You’re not wrong. He’s just mad that you know the truth. Leave him.

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Your not wrong for being mad he’s doing sneaky shit and then lied to your face about it. He’s probably sleeping with her too but will lie about it.

No you are not wrong for being upset. That just shows a lack of respect and trust. However if y’all are on and off so much and he was able to quickly move on like that, I’d suggest really thinking about your relationship choice. Y’all don’t sound like you have a healthy relationship to begin with.


Yup I would be mad because there’s history there and he blatantly did it behind your back and didn’t respect your feelings.


Nope not wrong at all. He is upset because you caught on.

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You have ever right to be mad, if he can lie to you about that, then what else can he so easily lie to you about?

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At First Trust is freely given but once that trust has been damaged it will never be the same again you need to point this out to him that he has to earn your trust

The lying is a clear indicator that he is up to no good. Otherwise he would not have felt the need to try and hide it.

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Id be pissed. He straight lied to you. Dont believe anything he says from here on.

I’d be really upset. Especially that he lied about it.

For me personally I wouldn’t care about my partner keeping in contact with ex’s but if he blatantly lied about it to my face that’s a totally different story. To me that is an indicator he has something to hide. And if I were you I would be strongly reevaluating our relationship.

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Rethink your decisions and how you really want to live your life.

I would be mad also why you tell me you aren’t gonna accept it and them do it he lied he at the least is wanting to see he pictures with out you knowing he knew it would upset you that’s why he hid it he mad cuz he got caught

Hopefully he is honest

No, I would of been upset too. Mostly because he lied about it and was being sneaky. If you can’t trust him with the simple things how can you trust with the things that matter more.

You aren’t wrong there’s no reason to be friends with an ex like that especially if you’re uncomfortable with it his concern should be you and not about adding an ex don’t let him tell you you’re being crazy either a real man that’s dedicated to you would know better :heart:

You have every right to be upset!!! Cause if he’s doing that he’s thinking of cheating or already cheating

Leave. You’re asking a question you already know the answer to. Hes shady