My boyfriend is not good with handling money: Advice?

Girl don’t do it. My husband makes more than me, anyways has an I pay more of the bills than him becomes he can’t handle his money, then it’s my fault he doesn’t have any left when he wants something.

Discuss and wait for him to start being smarter

Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey…do it together! If your not married, dont do joint banking. Don’t extend any type of credit to him. Car loan, credit cards, or cell phones. Watch Judge Judy and the people’s court! You’ll learn alot about finance issues.

If your going to move in together have the lease and utilities in his name. If you have to leave you have no loose ends. Don’t have joint accounts. Involve him in the monthly bill payments so he sees where the funds are going.


I would just have one person in charge of the money, figure out how you are going to divide things and put it in a joint account anything left over in his account is his to spend how he sees fit. I’m sorry but to many hands it the pot makes for a big mess

Get your money back from him…and then have a long talk about financial responsibilities…if he can’t get on board then you may need to rethink your future together. If you do manage to work it out never have a joint account and make sure you lay out exactly who is going to pay for what.

Run as fast as you can and don’t look back

Whatever you do, don’t do a joint account… especially since you are iffy of if you should even be with him. If you are even slightly doubting the relationship, I’d say run :woman_shrugging:t2:


Don’t do it, things won’t change, you’ll be broke and unhappy.

Dont do joint if he has a spending problem keep your own account I will say I have kinda same issue .I opened an acount for him it was opened in my name for the account at my bank. But this his account his money my name on for opened other than that.dont put my checks and his in account it would be gone. Other than that

My now husband wasn’t good with money. I just sat him down and told him if he wants to go any further in our relationship we need to lay down ground rules. He had to ask me to buy things And we split bills so if something wasn’t paid for he was a accountable. It honestly stopped pretty quick.


I would say don’t move in with him. If he can’t even pay you back after you loaned him money that should show you how he’s not responsible & just seems to have his hand out. You’ll be the one stuck paying the bills while he spends his money on whatever it is. He is showing you exactly who is he now it wont change living together.


Dump him you are letting I’m take advantage of you and it won’t change or get better. Believe me get out and run now

My SO and I have been together for 4 years. We each have our own bank accounts and a joint account. We each automatically deposit a set amount of each paycheck into the joint account for bills. (Our bills equate to about $1300 a month, and we put $350 a paycheck k in) We don’t touch the joint account, bills are automatically withdrawn, and there has been no arguments. Our personal accounts pay for our personal bills, cars, etc.

Over time, we’ve tweaked things. We got a credit card together and added more to the account. We start home renovations, and added a little more. Etc etc. but there were many many baby steps to get there though


Dont do it… it wont change him…it will leave you short changed. Nope dont do it

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Absolutely not join account

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Make a bill account and a savings account. Tell him a percent of each check from each person goas in here. Tell him he can pull money from savings but he has to talk about it to you first and vise versa. Im sure you both work equally hard for your money. So be equal in spending and saving. Also do the $5 challenge. Show him what he can have if he saves. Educate him. Get a finacial adviser if u can afford it. Lots of people are bad with money. But honey if his only fault is being an impulse buyer work with him.

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Start off with saying you found a place and you need half the money for the deposit fee and rent and see if he gives it to you. If not then forget him!

If he is not responsible with money id not be moving in you could stuck with all the bills an then some

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Jc Where he lives now …with his parents? …if he can’t take care of himself by himself …or his own apt and his own bills …then he can’t take care of you …maybe he needs to mature in that area before even considering a house ! …but just keep saving …if he asks for money ( NO its for the house )

He is irresponsible. Loaning him money is enabling his careless behaviors. Let him go. Tell him why. If you move in with him, it will get worse.