My boyfriend is using and I don't want to fall back into that lifestyle again: Advice?

My bf of 5 years just moved out due to using drugs and has chosen it over me or feels like it because when we’re together, he doesn’t even wanna try to work things out with me. He and I have two daughters together, both now go back and forth from my home to his moms (he lives with his mom now) every two days. He has lied so much to me about not using and no money. When we’re together, he’s always quiet and always looks out the window and doesn’t even try to look at me anymore. Me, I have been clean for 11 months now; I don’t wanna go back to that lifestyle either… what should I do??? Mind you; he’s a great father to our daughters. I don’t wanna move on, but it feels like imma have to??? Need some advice please this is killing me inside and losing hope


if he chooses to use and you are clean and dont wanna relaspe only way to is move forward and do whats best for your daughters.

See if he’ll get help

If it were me, i would move on. If you don’t want to be in that lifestyle, you have to take yourself out of that position. He won’t get clean until he’s ready. I wish you the best :heart:

You need to move on. Your kids don’t need that in there lives!!! You don’t either. Keep positive.

Move on…
If you let your kids around drugs (whether he lives with his mom or not) you could also be charged (yes it can happen, and has happened)
Is he worth the potential of losing your kids???


Oh sweetie… you have to leave him. At least for now. If he gets clean and stays clean, you can try again. As much as you think he’s a good dad, a drug user is not. I’m speaking from the child’s point of view. Do not lose your sobriety over this. Your daughters need you.


Move on for yourself and your girls!

Stay strong and stay clean. Being around that kind of behavior when you’re so new to sobriety isn’t good for you or your children. They need a stable healthy parent. Let him go, advise him to get help and take care of yourself and your children. Congratulations on getting clean. I wish you the best!

Stay away from a relationship. Stay strong.

You don’t want to relapse sometimes you have to move on for yourself and for those sweet girls

Just worry about your own sobriety & your girls !!! You can’t change him he needs to want to be clean !


You answered your own question. He moved out and made his choice. It’s harsh but it’s the reality. Don’t subject your kids to that lifestyle because you’re gonna be a little lonely.


Move on. If you dont, he’ll suck you back into that lifestyle. Temptation is a bitch.
As for the girls, I personally wouldnt let them continue to go over there. Theres no doubt that hes a great dad, but if hes using around your daughter’s? I’d get them out of there before they catch him using.
Keep them away until he decides to get clean or set up supervised visitations.

If you are knowingly letting the kids go see him while he’s using drugs you can get in a lot of trouble so you need to cut him off completely from you and the children till he gets himself together if not y’all are going to lose the kids and you could possibly relapse and this is coming from a recovered addict


Go separate ways until can get clean
My husband n I have a lot of clean time n if he choose to use again n mess up I’d have leave until he got clean again cuz no way am I going to go back to that life n I’m sure my hubby feel same way
That Life not worth it

You answered your own question.

Move on.


For your sake move on

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Let him go. Just do you and the kids. I have been there myself and kept taken my ex back when he was on drugs nothing good comes out of a toxic relationship.


Need to move on. You don’t want your children around that.