My boyfriend keeps arguing with me and I am in my 3rd trimester: Advice?

Please help, my boyfriend keeps arguing with me despite my being emotionally unstable during my 3rd trimester. He and I haven’t seen each other since he went home for the holidays, so we talk over the phone. I know I can get a bit impatient in my tone when I talk to him, but he will do it right back. He retaliates and is impatient with me. I tell him I’m just super hormonal and moody, and it would help if he just ignored it sometimes and just made me feel better. He reckons I’m using this pregnancy to be disrespectful. This pregnancy has been difficult and crazy for me, and I know I’m a much better person without this roller coaster of emotions I’m feeling. I often struggle to calm down after he hangs up on me or says insensitive things. Am I wrong when I ask him to be just a little bit more humble until I give birth?


Not at all. You cannot control your hormones.

You cant control your hormones.

You can’t control your hormones, but you still know wrong from right and you are still accountable for apologizing when you are wrong. Same with him.


you can’t control your hormones, personally i’d drop him if he couldn’t or just refuses to acknowledge that fact.

You can’t control your hormones but your bf also has a right to be upset by what you say. Just because you’re hormonal doesn’t mean his feelings don’t matter. It takes 2 people to argue and while he should be being more sensitive, you have to take accountability for your actions.


FYI, it doesn’t stop when you give birth. It gets worse


If you’re adult enough to get pregnant … you’re enough adult to control your mouth and your tone… :woman_shrugging: … suck it up buttercup women have been having babies since forever. (Ive had five kids i know the hormones suck) but grow up and act like an adult the emotions and hormones are worse when you actually have the kid


Grow up…that’s all!


When I miss my husband I always argue with him. It’s the strangest thing but it always happens


Being pregnant is not an excuse to behave like that. You are not a child and know better. Take responsibility for your actions.


True hormones make you very emotional, but since you know that you are being impatient maybe you both need to give each other a little grace. Life is changing for both of you and it’s hard to understand how the other person feels. You need him to support you emotionally and he needs you just as much. No he shouldn’t be short tempered when you are asking him for help if any kind but you can’t use pregnancy as an excuse to talk to him in a tone that you know upsets him. Your relationship is a two way street. I think you’re feeling lonely since he’s been gone and you want to see him especially now and I’m sure he will be happy to see you when he gets back.

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Your hormones are not in your control, but your words and actions still are. I know it’s impossibly hard at times but stop yourself from responding for a second and think of how you would feel in his situation. And then remember to apologize if/when you lose the battle. Also consider seeing a therapist to help you to deal with your feelings in a healthy neutral outlet- not to say that your feelings are wrong or right just that a therapist isn’t going to be hurt by an abrasive tone.


You can’t control your hormones but you can be mindful of your words and actions.

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Kindness isn’t hard…


Not once did act like an asshole pregnant or ever used it as an excuse to be mean or moody . In fact other than crying over cute animal videos I never had an issue with my hormones pregnant


It’s also a learning curve, don’t feel bad that you don’t have control yet. The fact you can admit that is really good - that’s maturity. All you can do is ask him to be patient while you learn how to handle it - and apologize if need be. As long as you keep trying and finding new ways to handle it, you are not being a terrible girl friend. Therapy is also a great option :heart:

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Pregnancy hormones can be hell, You have to take more responsibility for treating him like crap though.
You Can control how you react by saying you are in a mood and will talk to him when calmer, so please give you some space as you walk away or end the conversation for a while.
Then talk again when in a less confrontational mood.
He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way, so yeah You are wrong to expect him to just deal all the time.

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Men don’t understand what women go through while pregnant, try not to take it too personally.

I had the same problem. So i learned to walk away wrote everything i wanted to say in a notebook and made myself leave it alone for about an hour or so until I calmed down and read it and made myself realize that I was out of line most the time… he doesnt know of the book or the thoughts but i worked on me. And we are now married and very happy with a great relationship. We talk about everything and very rarely argue

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