My boyfriend likes to stay out and party and I don't think he should: Advice?

I have a boyfriend who thinks that he can still party and stay out while I take on the responsibility of taking care of our son. It’s not often, but he does this when he feels like it and for events. He doesn’t ask me if I’m okay handling our son alone the whole night, which I do most of the time because he does work full time. Am I too hard on him? How should I handle it? I just feel it’s selfish, and he should be putting his son first all the time.


I feel the same as you

You handle it by telling him how you feel like you just did us


I mean…I get he works and everything but that doesnt mean he doesnt still have to take care of his son. Your boyfriend I think needs to grow up. Mine was like this when we got together and than we got pregnant we’re still waiting for our baby a week n half to go.! And I told him he needs to understand that when this baby comes it’s not about him anymore he cant be selfish. Hes home a lot more now since getting closer to the baby coming.

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As long as it’s not every night I see no problem with itb

We all need the chance to get out and do something. Being a parent shouldn’t be our only definition. HOWEVER, he should also be giving you a chance to get out and have you time once in awhile if he isn’t. Between working and children we can become absolutely drained and lose ourselves. You both deserve some you time sometimes!
And no, that doesn’t always have to mean partying all night and being irresponsible.

A child is both parents responsibility not just one because the other works full time. Many fathers work over 40 hours a week plus get time to come hm & help w/his children! No, it’s not okay unless you’ve let him constantly do this, it us “why” one does it. If that’s how he thought then he shouldn’t of ever had a child. Maybe you both should take the time to go out w/each other instead of him alone.

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You said he doesn’t do it often so why is it a problem? He deserves to relax. The only thing I’d say is make sure you’re going out to relax and have fun too but


His ass needs to be home. Family first. Once in awhile is fine, but I think men should be home with their families

You should go out too, you both need some adult alone time.

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No double standards. If you “choose” not to go out and he does, then it’s no problem. But if you want to go out and he doesn’t allow for you to have that time, then absolutely he shouldn’t be going out either.

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So why don’t you go out? You need time away too. Tell him exactly what you just said.


He needs his time. You meed your time. And you both need time together. If he’s willing to sit down and listen and work with you, you gotta give him the chance. If he’s not, then you got some heavier decisions to make

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Occasionally is fine, so long as you get to do the same while he stays home sometimes too.

Yes your son should be first, but you can’t pour from an empty cup, you’re allowed to do things for yourself too

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I wouldn’t have a problem with it just as long if he gives me my equal alone time with friends too.


I think it’s weird that he doesn’t take you.


You just said it’s not often… he deserves a break as well!


Unless he’s telling you that you can never go out or he’s doing it every weekend than there’s nothing wrong with it. Yes he’s a parent now but that’s not the only thing he is. Parents deserve to get a break and have fun every once in awhile and I encourage you to leave your son with him one night and you go out on a girls night.

I have a 3 month old whom I take care of EVERY night because he works and now I’m back at work full time now so guess what… I still take care of our daughter. Let him have fun. Learn to multitask MOM… :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


As long as he gives me my nights to go out and party I see no issue in it.

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