My boyfriend no longer has a sex drive: Thoughts?

Advice? I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost five years. We have one child. For the last few months, he has no sex drive. We used to have sex almost every day, and now it’s once a week if I’m lucky. He says he’s just tired, but stays up all night on his phone or playing video games. I ask, and he shuts me down instantly. I understand it isn’t everything in a relationship, but it’s important to me, and it’s honestly lowering my self-esteem like I’m not attractive to him anymore. Other than sex, I get minimal affection, and its starting to really hurt my feelings. Should I say something? Or am I overreacting?


Definitely say something.

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Talk it out work it out.

If it’s enough to bother you then yes talk to him. Actually talk and try to figure out what is going on with him and what the reasoning is.

Of course you should say something, open communication is key to a lasting relationship, these things happen. Gotta find a way to rekindle the fire sometimes.


He met someone else! I’ ve been throu that and that s why they act like that! Leave him!


Yeh you should talk to him. Don’t get used to being hurt, no matter what the reason is. Goodluck!

You should be able to talk to him about how you feel. If it bothers you that much, then you should talk to him.

Definitely talk! Could be his age and testosterone levels are off- that happens in males- women’s prime is their 30/40s.

Could it be a medical condition? Any new meds? I would ask questions before jumping the gun.

Say something… Or he’s getting it else where… That’s what happened to me…

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He is tired baby is stressing him out give it time… he needs his alone time to so boys night out and a date night here and there

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Communication is the key. Talk. My husbands sex drive is lower when his depression is bad.


Been there He never would talk 2 me.BYE C YA

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Talk to him, you’d be surprised what would be bothering him to make him uninterested in sex. He may be the one not feeling attractive, etc


Hopefully he aint gettin tired of u or cheating :sweat:

Talk it out… maybe he is depressed?

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Find somebody to fuck

Speak the fuck up or lose what you fell in love with.

My ex would stay up all night on his phone in his bathroom. And I later found out he had hidden his friends list.

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