My boyfriend rages during video games and it scares me: Advice?

I am at a loss. I’ve been with my boyfriend and father of our two children for almost nine years now. He gave me major trust issues at the beginning of our relationship because he constantly cheated on me. But within the past couple of years, we had a great communication, and he finally changed his ways. It’s just within the past six months; it’s been rocky. He works, and I’m a stay at home mom for our kids. He told me he’s getting stressed out from working. And I even suggested going back to work, but he won’t let me do that. And he’s just been very angry. Lately, his hobby is playing video games. He rages pretty bad on that game to the point where he broke a few controllers, accidentally broke the tv. He yells and curses. It’s kind of scary sometimes. And I feel like I have to beg him to spend time with his kids and me when he’s not working. So after a while, I just quit asking, because he said we always argue about the same thing. Am I asking too much of him?? What should I do?


He won’t let you? He your man or your daddy?


I’m stuck on he won’t let do something!!! Girl this mess is gonna escalate. Mark my words.


That’s one of the reasons I left my ex husband. Video games was/is his life and he would break things also.


Sounds like you have another child…


He needs to change his ways, or you’ll end up with three raging children in the house, because that’s how I feel hes acting, dont put up with shit, you know you deserve better, talk to him and say either he changes or you leave, there is help out there for you, he sounds controlling as fuk, he wont let you, you make your own choices, dont let him boss you around and walk all over you, and dont be scared to walk out, sometimes they get so far up their ass they dont see what they’re doing wrong till you leave.

You have a man-child. Time to ground him from his game and make him be an adult.

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Your man needs some counseling & a good gym membership~

He sounds like a douche bag to me


Can y’all afford for you to work? If so, then I wouldn’t give him the option. As far as the gaming, he needs to be able to take a step back when he gets that angry. I’ve had to teach my teenagers that. I rarely have to say anything now. If you try to explain to him how you feel and he still doesn’t understand or doesn’t care, then it sounds you have some choices to make.


Grab a hammer and break the game system mid game playing and watch the real him emerge then ask yourself why youre even with him


How about you find a man with family values and ditch the boy with self control issues you’re currently dealing with… :man_shrugging:


A lot of non-gamers here or people who have no clue that it’s the person with rage, not the game.


Get a man not a spoiled boy

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Run. Next time it could be you or your kids.


Throw one of them controllers into the back of his head and make him get up and do something. Hes a man-child and needs to grow up.

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He sounds burned the fuck out. He needs a vacation and therapy.

Think u need tell him how you feel when gets like that playing video games. Ask him when he feels like take a break from a game awhile. Go for a walk or something while he calms down. My husband plays video games and doesn’t act like that.

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For someone who actually is a gamer and does rage sometimes, it can get frustrating. I can see how it scares you but its not a reason to leave someone over. Talk to him. Say hey let’s go do something today. For someone who works all day all the time they want to come home and relax and their relaxing is to play video games. Yea he gets mad but that’s almost any guy to be honest. Just talk to him


Sounds like you have a man-child on your hands. Good luck!