My boyfriend refuses to get a job: Advice?

Okay I need advice. I’m 6 months + 3 days pregnant. Due date for babygirl is April Fools. My boyfriend and I weren’t together long before I got pregnant, I had miscarried a few months prior to getting with him, so I was on birth control. When we got together was in the middle of the pandemic. It was when the casinos and big businesses were shut down. He’s a dealer at the casino, so he was on unemployment. Recently though, casinos and everywhere else basically have opened back up. They have been for a few months, but he hasn’t attempted going back. At first, I thought it was because of the extra money everyone was getting on unemployment, but that ended, and recently I’ve been getting to know his dad, whom he lives with. His dad recently told me he didn’t have his job prior to the pandemic. It hasn’t since the middle of last year. His dad (substitute teacher) pays his child support every month and provides everything from gas to diapers to food for his 2 1/2-year-old from his previous relationship when he has visitation. His dad also helps his baby’s mom with other various things as well, being that she’s a single mom with two jobs. She and I are friends as well, despite the fact that he hid I was pregnant from her until sometime last month when she heard through the great vine and messaged me. So here’s the short version: he refuses to get a job, unemployment gives him $100 a week, basically. His dad, my mom, and I have all given him plenty of suggestions, sent him links to apps, etc. He never even tries. What should I do? Baby’s arrival is coming soon, and I’m working on getting my own place as I’m 21 and moved home from another town at the start of the year, so I stay with my mom. I have a job; I transferred from my old job when I moved and have been employed the whole time. I just don’t know if I should let him move with me as I know I can’t afford to take care of a baby and a man on my own. (When I moved, I had to leave my car because it was having transmission problems, and the owner towed it. So I do depend between him and my mom for rides to work) I’m gonna be a first-time mom and it was really unexpected but I’m trying to take responsibility and do the best I can for her, please don’t be too harsh on me lol


Roll out that red carpet and walk away


Leave, girl. You don’t need that extra baggage.


So, I say this with love, RUN. He’s not going to change. He doesn’t take care of his 2.5 year old, chances are he’s not going to help with your baby. Focus on you, taking care of your precious little one and let him go.


Do not let him move with you! Run! Run fast! Worry about you and the baby…


Bye Felicia! His first kid and his current situation should tell you all you need to know. (Not saying this mean) but why would you and this kid be any different or make him change? In the end it sounds like he doesnt give a shit. Takes from his parents, won’t man up. Being a first time mom I s scary :100: But you will figure out you need to do for you and that baby. You don’t need some grown ass man to take care of too!

You don’t want to here this but you got your self a loser never change listen to his dad


You have to leave him. His dad is even enabling his behavior by paying his child support for him! He’s comfortable and not looking to change. Theres tons of support for single moms you just have to reach out! You got this!


Run! If he doesn’t take care of the baby he has now or himself he’s not going to change


Definitely don’t move in together. Whether or not you want to try to keep the relationship is up to you, but you’ll have enough stress taking care of a baby without basically adopting a full-grown man child, too. You also want to make sure the child has good role models. You definitely don’t want them to pick up his laziness.


Ummm how are you still calling him your boyfriend? He needs to be referred to a one night stand that went too far. Save yourself the trouble and let him go. He isnt worth a damn and won’t start being any time soon.

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Do NOT let him move in with you just because you need a sitter. And if you’re that concerned speak with your mom about staying after the baby is born. Dont be ashamed of that if you truly have intentions to be on your own soon. Once the baby is born apply for state daycare to help with the cost. Work towards a car first then a place of your own.


No disrespect at all, but sweetheart you need to think about just getting rid of him all together. Work on you and that sweet soon to be baby. And when the time comes, even if it’s years down the road, you will find a MAN!!!


Go get a good job while you can! You aren’t relying on him now. If you stay, he won’t be helping you. You’ll be enabling him

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Tbh only solution I can think of, is him being a stay at home dad while you work full time. But he sounds very immature and irresponsible.

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Do not let him move in with you stay as far away as you can he won’t change then there done that

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He knows you’re expecting his child and he has another he personally doesnt work for? Nah girl run .


Id personally say no… id be honest with him and say sorry boo but unless you are working and paying half the no deal

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If having a kid doesn’t make him get his shit together then nothing will. Especially a second kid. Time to cut bait.