My boyfriend told me we needed time apart: Advice?

My boyfriend or ex-boyfriend said we needed time apart. Now IDK if space and being broken apart are technically the same thing, but it’s eating me up inside. We’ve been dating for two months. The thing that led to this was us constantly fighting, but they were petty fights. It was about our past and me asking him to tell me how much he loves me a lot of times. He didn’t give me a time frame on when he’s gonna get in contact with me or anything. He’s emotionally damaged from his last relationship and got with me to move on. He says he cares about me, but does he care enough to make our relationship work?


Just move on then you only get one life.


Take the space , focus on ypur life, if its meant to be it’ll happen, but dont sit and wait in it

Two months and you’re already saying I love you and having petty fights? Seems like a lot for only two months.


It’s only been two months. He wants out. Let him go.


Move on 2 months isnt what I would consider a relationship worth working on If the beginning part isnt easy its not ever going to work


If it’s only been 2 months and you admit he got with you to move on that it’s quite obvious you weren’t supposed to be a permanent girlfriend


You sounds highly insecure and clingy. It’s been two months, you’re acting childish. He’s letting you know in a nice way it’s not working out and that you need to let it go.


Really 2 months bye bye. Why you even asking the question


Sounds like two immature, damaged people that need to work on themselves - alone!


Dating two months and already needing to be told you’re loved… how do you know if he feels that you can put pressure on someone… maybe check on yourself.

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He was upfront and honest. However he worded it…he doesn’t want to be together. Now you’re free to find someone who does!

If you are constantly fighting after only two months of dating, you are probably not right for each other.


You’ve barely begun a relationship. NEITHER of you sound like you should even be in a relationship. Learn how to be on your own. Let it go.

I would move on. If your already on time out after 2 months not a good sign

Let him go… no point in trying for something if the other person doesn’t want. U just gonna hurt yourself

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You shouldn’t have to ask someone to tell you they love you. Especially if you’re doing it non stop, you wait and let them tell you on their own. You can’t force something if someone doesn’t want to be there. Take your space and focus on you, if it works out than great if not move on with your life. Maybe he’s not ready for I love you yet, two months seems early and like you said he was damaged from his previous relationship.


2 months and already fighting? Clearly not the right person for you and sounds pretty toxic to be honest.

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Yea he’s damaged obviously. He told you, admitting it! He’s being up front and honest. Let him go heal. It won’t work. In the mean time, you continue working on you!

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Its two months. Not like a life sentence. If you’re already fighting its not right relationship.