My boyfriend treats my son badly and doesn't contribute anything: What should I do?

He treats my son like crap. I’m pregnant ten along and a mother of 2 boys. My home is the small right size for boys and I needless to say. I only pay 200$ and not going to find a deal like this anywhere else… My boyfriend moved in and brought his stuff but not o me that he brought EVERYTHING of his two kids as well, making this living space unbearable. He isn’t helping with rent, food …not much. He has had g his kids over regularly as well. When four kids around the same age get together sometimes things get annoying… my son doesn’t get along well with his kids due to them being "I have to admit irritating ". He says he wants to move, but he isn’t helping with anything here, and I don’t want to be stuck paying an arm and a leg for a bigger house just on his kid’s account. He isn’t nice to my son, he’s starting to swear at my son … and YES I SNAP back at him. Nobody talks to my son like that . Especially when my boy asks his daughter to quit getting in his personal space … He gets wound up and gets very angry with my boy. I don’t think this is working. He thinks his children are saints … THEY ARE NOT. The typical kids, no worse, no better under my roof. If I’m not using them times or languages with his children, why is he doing it to mine … ? Will this get better ? Or should I walk away before I start resenting his children… as it is i don’t want them back here if issues like this are rising… Help, please


I’m sorry a man should treat your kids like they are his own. If not move on sis.

If anyone treated my child bad I’d kick them to the curb real quick…no questions or exceptions


If it was me … I’d say see ya I wouldnt allow anyone to treat my kids badly.

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Time to kick his ass to the kerb. He sounds like a right selfish, lazy git

Why is this even a question? If he treats your kids like crap leave. You’re kids deserve better than that. What kind of mother even questions staying with someone that doesn’t care for her kids?


Kick his ass tf out​:woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You know your own answer. Get out while it’s still easy


How many red flags do you need? Leave him!


So…you let a person treat your child terrible and not do anything about it? He won’t change. he needs to leave. You are the mother. You need to protect your child.


It sounds like he is treating your son poorly, and you don’t really like him or his kids or the situation you guys are in… so break up and have him move out.


Tell him to go ahead and find a bigger place and move in it. He can pay those bills there until your lease is up and during that time do some serious soul searching about whether this guy is worth it. He doesn’t sound like a very good guy.


Leave him. Now. I dont know why you’d even ask


You shouldn’t even have to ask…get rid of him now you wish you did it sooner then later

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I would kick him out. Evict if his name is on lease. You stay there.

The boyfriend would be gone take care of your kids


So if you already know what you want, why are you asking us. Move on girl. You will find a better man.

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Sounds like he needs to go! If he isn’t helping you he’s mooching off of you. It sounds like you aren’t happy And neither are your kids. He needs to either start helping and y’all lay down some ground rules on parenting or he needs to go. It won’t change it’ll only get worse.

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You have your answer and if you need to ask then yes let him go. It’s not worth it. It’s really not.

This will only get worse- not better. Eviction papers should be forthcoming