My boyfriend vandalized my car: Advice?

Recently, my boyfriend vandalized my vehicle. Should I forgive and forget? This is a very tough situation for me, and I am not too sure what to do. Recently, my boyfriend and I got into a heated argument, which leads to him vandalizing my vehicle. He slashed all my tires, then got into his truck and rammed into the back of my vehicle several times. I made a police report, but a week has passed, and I’m starting to overthink. We have two children together, and we are expecting. Should I forgive him and forget or separate from him for good? Please, I am so lost and confused. I just don’t know how to handle this situation.


These questions have to be made up, ffs!


Fuck. No! This is abusive and destructive behavior that’s only going to get much worse. If you care about your children get them away from him as soon as humanly fucking possible! Are you even serious right now!!!


Next time it will be you


Keep it moving girlfriend

Put him in jail for vandalism so you can get the money to pay for your car and put him on child support and leave him

Run from this psycho

Hell no it will only get worse

No. This is a clear sign that he is controlling, vindictive, petty, compulsive, and has the potential for actual violence. As a therapist, I tell you, absolutely not.

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That’s abusive and what would happen if you had needed the car to get to the hospital to have your baby!? Alarm bells are ringing, he clearly has issues and it’s better to be safe than sorry

Leave him and start a new life


That’s the car you need to safely drive your children around and so he not only took from you, but them as well.
Press charges and file a civil suit if he refuses to pay for repairs. Also file claim with his insurance so his shit gets hiked up.

Don’t worry about leaving with kids. I had 2 kids and was pregnant last year when I packed us all up and fled to a domestic abuse safehouse.
7 months later, moved us into a new apartment and they gave me the security deposit. He comes by but I kick him out when he acts up and there’s nothing he can do but leave back to his house 30 miles away. And I dont have shit to stress about.

… 3 kids into it and you’re just now seeing this behavior? Hard to believe. I feel sorry for the babies. Neither one of y’all got any DAMN sense ! Real talk.


DO NOT go back to this person! It WILL only get worse for you and your children!

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The first sentence is the problem… my boyfriend vandalised my vehicle… why the fuck is he still your boyfriend dumb that dog

No. Its only get worse. Leave while you can before you have children and your stuck with him.

What exactly are you over thinking. He’s crazy!!!


That man is a mess. Ditch him quick

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The fact that it cost u all that money in damages when yall have kids should be a good indicator to leave him alone

Omg he sounds like a a fucking lunatic! Id make his ass pay to replace everything n go from there but I’ll tell you if my husband ever did some shit like that, he’d only do it once…