My boyfriend was on his phone in the middle of the night and then threw it when I woke up: Advice?

No hun. I’m sorry. He is probably cheating. Porn is nothing to throw your phone over. Hiding that your cheating is.

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He’s just a boyfriend cut your losses They never stop lying once they start lying


It could be cheating or it could be porn. Like some guys can’t even admit they have a porn addiction to themselves let alone their partner.

Grow balls and leave :joy:

If he can lie about small things, then he will have no problem lying about big important things. Yeah he obviously was doing something worse. If it wasn’t anything bad, he wouldn’t have thrown his phone. I’d end the relationship there, don’t need BS cuz your not an idiot. People are obvious when they get caught.

So many scorned women here giving bad advice. This guy was caught off guard by you waking up so he tossed his porn and tried to act normal. Listen, I am that woman who doesn’t trust a soul. Give the guy a break, but have a conversation about his reaction and your feelings towards porn in general. This isn’t that big of a deal and can easily be solved with some communication.


Maybe hes not cheating maybe he was watching porn…gay porn maybe?? I mean now a days u don’t know what people get off on 🤷🏻‍♀

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He is just telling you a shocking enough lie that you will take it for the truth.


Do not believe that please

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Wait a week… check his phone…lol… he cheatin!

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:triangular_flag_on_post: I would say “bye”:v:t2:

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Before jumping to the cheating conclusion…
I’ve been your boyfriend in this situation. :flushed:
I was actually watching porn, go tt startled by my partner waking up and not wanting him to see. Went and deleted my history because we had only been together a few months and he wasn’t ready to see that side of me yet :joy::woman_facepalming:

Usually women are disgusted by porn. Maybe he thought you would be angry and upset so tried to hide it (not smart I know)
If you’re not opposed to porn, may be start a conversation with him about what you’re both into​:woman_shrugging:. Could also make the relationship better :wink:


He was watching a live
Example and person on live cam.
If he can’t be honest with you about that than your left feeling all sorts
Sort it together or time to end it sorry to say I’m a straight out person.

If he was cheating he wouldn’t have threw his fone​:joy: maybe he threw it because u woke up and he couldn’t get enough time to stop the video :joy::joy: but idk it could be anything, but if he was talking to another girl he wouldn’t have threw the fone away he would have basically put it


Return the favor, see how he likes it than ghost his ass. :wave:
Lol jk
But really he gots to go

Porn hunny, it might be very tasteless and just doesn’t want you to know his fetishes and fantasies cause they may be embarrassing so maybe give it a lil bit and then approach the subject of why he doesn’t want you to know what he was watching and if there is anything that he likes looking at that you can assist with in real life. Try to be open as much as possible. Exception is unless it’s pertaining to children or animals.

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I think more information is needed honestly. Have you all had a conversation about porn before? Have you given him any issues about watching it in the past? How long have you been together? Is he normally hiding his phone or do you normally have access to it? It’s so hard to give advice on this one because a lot of information and background is missing.

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This has :triangular_flag_on_post:red flags​:triangular_flag_on_post:, :police_car:flashing lights​:oncoming_police_car:, and :ambulance::truck:sirens blaring :mega:all over it. :exploding_head:

If it was porn, whatever. But he chose to not only stop when you caught him, but then proceeded to delete the evidence and hide it even more AFTER the fact. Trust your gut! This doesn’t smell right and you are right to be cautious and suspicious. His behavior after is the most troubling.


Seen that before
Turns out he was cheating the whole relationship :roll_eyes: they don’t hid there phones and freak out just because of porn


Maybe it was porn, but maybe he’s into something a little less conventional and isn’t sure how you would react and he just freaked out. Honestly, it could be any number of things, but, it’s important you really talk to him. Only you can judge if you think he’s being honest.