My boyfriend will not give me the password to his phone: Should I be concnered?

My question is, would you continue to be in a relationship if your boyfriend doesn’t give you the password to his phone? I am living with my boyfriend (for almost a year now), and we have a child together, but I have never been allowed on his phone. He knows the password to my phone and knows he can take it whenever he wants (e.g., if his phone is dead and he needs to call someone, text someone, or just wants to go on my phone), but he will not allow me on his phone. He deactivated his FB and Instagram account because of an argument we had (he commented and liked a picture of his ex while I was eight months pregnant), so I can’t imagine what would be on his phone that he doesn’t want me to see. I understand (and have told him) that I don’t care to go through personal things on his phone, but I feel that if you don’t want me to even hold your phone much less, go on it, then you’re clearly hiding something. I’m contemplating ending this relationship because of this. Phones are so much of our life now, and the fact that I can’t even look at it very concerns me.


You’re a fool if you still think open or locked phones is a good indicator of your ability to be in a relationship. Right now all you share is a bed and a child - when and if you ever learn to trust each other equally, you need to move on to someone who can and BE someone who can.


He’s obviously hiding something !!


I f you feel the need to be snooping on him , you should probably start looking at where your new life might be with out him .


You don’t trust him…stop wasting his time and yours


Change your password until he lets you have access to his phone don’t let him have access to yours plain and simple :wink:…fair exchange no robbery


Throw the whole man away and end the relationship. There’s red flags there.


Put a password on your phone.

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Does he have the fingerprint feature set up? If he does get into it while he’s sleeping, passed out preferably lol put his finger on the phone and doors will open. Good luck, it does sound shady.

Honestly, go with your gut. If he had nothing to hide it wouldn’t even be an issue. Open and honest versus secretive? Privacy’s one thing. If you have access you most likely wouldn’t be wondering. Your gut’s telling you somethings up. Go with that.


It’s one of the biggest red flags there is


I would walk away from him, it’s gonna be your little 1 in the middle off it all when you find out the truth…


Put a password on your phone and tell him, you deserve the same respect and trust that he expects from you!


If no trust is no relationship. You shouldn’t need passwords

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He’s guilty! Plain and simple. Get rid.

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Never crossed my mind to look at my husband’s phone. Why is he your boyfriend should be the question.

Trust your gut, it NEVER is wrong!


I’d be more concerned with why you wanna control his phone :thinking: if you can’t trust him, why are you with him? Question yourself on the contrary of your concerns :wink:


I would end the relationship, point blank.

Oh no, just dump him if you don’t trust him.