My boyfriend won't do anything with me that he did with his ex: Thoughts?

I'm currently with a man. We have been on and off for a couple of years now. And he has an ex-wife well when I ask him to cook or do anything of the such he says there is only one person who has tasted my cooking or has got me to do such and when I ask him who he tells the person u do not like. Referring to his ex-wife. (Keep in mind his ex-wife is what u would call a narcissistic person using his son against him.) Am I wrong to feel like when it comes to anything he has done with his ex, he doesn't want to do it with me. Keep in mind we have talked about having a child together, but when I say something about both of us getting checked even tho we both have kids prior to our relationship. He says no, he will not be checked. I want to get checked bc I was on the depo shot and haven't had a monthly. Again my question is, am I wrong to feel like when it comes to doing with anything he has done with his ex, he don't want to do with me.

That’s odd. But it sounds to me that he still has feelings for her. Or maybe he is still affected but how she treated him :frowning:

He’s just not that into you.


Get rid of him! Everyone one of us moves on and we all do things that we have done with an ex. He is pretty much telling you he is stuck on his ex!


Please don’t procreate with this man. It not because he did it with his ex. It’s because he just doesn’t want to do it with you.


why have a kid with an on and off guy still wanting his ex wife ? hes using you


:woman_facepalming:t4: what she said ^
Find you a man that is willing to get over his past! There are men out there that will help with cooking and cleaning and cater to you! Girl! Say boy bye :v:t4:and find someone who will treat you right ! You :clap:t4: deserve :clap:t4: better!


Your a beautiful person find a beautiful person like yourself


Sounds like a bunch of stressful drama. Drop him.

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You need to reevaluate having a child with a man that doesn’t want to committ to you.
He doesn’t want to be with you. And he’s not over the break up with his ex.
You should know, you’ve been on and off.
If he can’t compromise and help and you can’t even get roles established why mess with this mess of a “man”?


Seriously, don’t have a baby with this guy! He can’t even do a simple task for you because he did that for his ex. How does having a baby with him seem like a good idea? He’s making an excuse, and a lame one at that. What does cooking for his ex have to do with cooking for someone else anyway? Fun fact: a person can cook for multiple people over the course of their life.


You can feel, how you feel. But he isn’t under any obligation to cook for you if he doesn’t want to. If this is a deal breaker for you, then you should move on. Otherwise let it go

He doesn’t hold you to the same standard as her. Meaning. Your not her. He will never give you what he gave her. He’s just not that into you


Do not have a kid with him. Would he treat your guys kid the same way he treats theirs? He clearly likes his ex more than you and wants you to know it. Kick him to curb wth.


You don’t need him. Kick him to the curb.

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Why do women waste their time on men like this? KNOW YOUR WORTH!


Please don’t have a baby with this guy, a child deserves a dad who loves his or her mother unconditionally, and this is not the guy.


It sounds like he would run back to his ex if given the chance.


Girl go on !!! Do not give this man any children.


This boy sounds childish n needs to grow tf up

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