My boyfriend won't go on vacation with me because his daughter cannot go: Thoughts?

My boyfriend won’t go on vacation with my children and me because his ex won’t let his daughter go. I am pregnant with twins, due in July and wanted to go to the beach before the twins were born. It makes me angry with him because I just feel like it’s unfair for us not to get to take a family vacation because his daughter can’t go. Her mom takes her on a family vacation with her every summer, so she still gets to go somewhere. Help!


Awww, that makes me sad. I can see both sides. He probably feels bad that his daughter won’t be there having fun too. Maybe he can convince his ex somehow?

Sounds like a good dad not letting his daughter behind very selfish of the mom doe


If he really wanted to go on the vacation he would…


I would recommend that the date try to have the custody agreement changed to allow the daughter out of state visits with dad.


Just go with your children. Your boyfriend not gonna enjoy it without his daughter.


Saw this post earlier today in another group but sounds like he doesn’t want to leave his daughter out. Even though she goes on vacation with her mom it’s still not her dad. I don’t blame him I wouldn’t either. Go by yourself if you really want to go


I understand why you are upset he won’t go, and I understand why he won’t go. Don’t shortchange your own kids though. If he won’t go that’s his choice. Take your kids yourself.


He sounds like a caring father


The issue is with the child’s mother, not your partner.


I would try to compromise. Do a fun “vacation time” with her book a hotel in the city and take her swimming and for ice cream or camping in the city so it’s still a little family vacation with his daughter then go do a grown up vacation without her before you have the twins. That way he gets a vacation with his daughter and with you.

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I still don’t see why he won’t go?? Sorry the daughter can’t but they’re his family too so there’s no reason he can’t go with them. :woman_shrugging:


Using that as an excuse he just doesn’t wanna go :laughing:besides your pregnant so you won’t be doing much with your kids and maybe he his idea vacation is peace and quiet laxing out not having to run around after your 2 :smile:


Are we supposed to be travelling right now ? Maybe your allowed where you are …?


He needs to go back to court if his court documents don’t mention time allowed for vacation. Sounds like the moms being a bratt. The judge would definitely allow vacation


You have every right to be upset but also try and put yourself in his shoes. He obviously feels very strong about not leaving her. Maybe find somewhere closer than the beach? Could be he doesn’t want her to feel as if she has been replaced.


Then go on it without him. He wants his daughter to go but maybe mom doesn’t want her to go cause of COVID-19? You sound petty saying her mom takes her on a family vacation with her every summer so she still gets to go somewhere . Well guess what that’s her mom NOT her dad. Her dad wants to do things with his daughter too ya know. Be mad all you want seriously but it won’t make a difference except drive a wedge between u guys. And also if you’re due to give birth in July I highly doubt you’ll enjoy going to a beach being this far along in your pregnancy especially since you’ll be running around chasing your other kids.


It’s time for him to go to court and fix his parenting time. If he had a set schedule there is nothing his ex can do to withhold child or make stupid rules.
Meanwhile compromise and plan to vacations one that his daughter can attend and the other at the beach.


It’s not really a family vacation without the whole family ( meaning the daughter) but the bitter baby momma isn’t fair either. But that being said is this trip going to interfere with his scheduled time to see her ? If so it’s valid he is picking his child over a vacation. If it’s when he is supposed to see her then if he truly wanted to go on vacation he’d go and not use the daughter as and excuse. It sounds like a very unfortunate situation all the way around


He wants his child included. I wouldn’t go on a family vacation either if mine couldn’t go. If he does go he’s not gonna have any fun so just go with your kids and then do something in town with all the kids so he can enjoy it too. You are fortunate enough to have your kids and take them anywhere you want. He isn’t so you need to understand him from a fathers perspective because unfortunately most fathers don’t have the same privileges as mothers when it comes to there kids. Also if the vacation falls on his time with his daughter he probably doesn’t want to miss it