My boyfriend won't propose until his mom and I get along: Advice?

My boyfriend’s mom and I do NOT get along. He’s supposedly going to propose after five years, and I’ve told him IDK why he hasn’t done it, and his response was, “I would like it if things were better between you and my mom” I’m so Ugh about the situation now and i don’t even wanna get proposed to. Like why is his mom still a priority?! Back story: She’s been tough the entire time we’ve been together. She’s angry that we even had a child, let alone want another, just so disrespectful so I’ve cut her off for almost a year and she doesn’t wanna talk bc i won’t allow her to see our baby until we fix things.


I’d tell him his mama isn’t in our relationship and if he wants to make her a priority then you would be leaving.


Oof. I’d tell him either you WANT to bbe with ME and LOVE me or you don’t, your mama has nothing to do with that.
Sounds like a mama’s boy. Sounds like mama needs to apologize and keep her opinions to herself.


you should be #1. she’s always be his mom and that will never change. but he should put his family with you first


Mama boys are so annoying.


You’re going to be marrying into the family. Getting along with the parents is a MUST. Of course she is a priority. Is he just supposed to forsake his family for you? Maybe there is some missing context here but tbh if you didn’t get along with my parents since the beginning, the relationship wouldn’t have lasted long.


The man who cars for his mom sure his care for hi wife to

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Usin ur child as a weapon is low.


Why are you depriving your child of their grandparent? Find a middle ground and a way to be cordial for the sake of your child, if nothing else. She would also need to meet you half way; start out by being the bigger person and provide the olive branch


You won’t let her see your child until you fix things and yet you cut her out for a year? It doesn’t sound like you have allowed any room to fix things.


The back story doesn’t matter, DUMP HIM!


When you marry a man, you marry his family. He is seeing a future full of drama and obviously isn’t into that. You should try and fix things if you want to stay with him.


KNOW that you’ll be marrying his mother too! Been there did that!


Ohhh mamas boy. Good luck


First off STOP using your child as a pawn. It is not fair to them. Your GROWN UP problems are just that. Between the grown ups. The child doesn’t have anything to do with that and they are the ones being PUNISHED for something that is not their fault. They have a right to know their family.


Hmmm you’ve cut her off and refuse your chikd his relationship with his grandmother and you really think she is the problem?


You can look at this 2 ways. You are a parent, how would you feel if your child picked someone over you and didn’t have a relationship with you. Maybe you should try to get along. OR… live with always being mad at the situation and always in a fight about it. Because it will not end. Unless something happens to her and it will be your fault that you kept him away from her. You don’t have to like her. Put a fake smile and deal. That’s what grown ups do. Good luck


Dont bother. You not his priority and nevet will be. Find a man that will make you nr one. Then his mom and other family will also respect u. As long as he puts her ahead of u, she will never respect u. It will never ending story of u trying to please her.


I would let her see her grandchild. You’re using your kid as a weapon. Be the bigger person. Tell her you want to get along and be in your child’s life. You are honestly just as much at fault in the situation. Take the first step.


Tell him that you won’t accept a proposal until he grows up and tells his mother to respect you.