My boyfriends 16-year-old doesn't listen or do chores: Advice?

I and my bf moved together last year. He has a 16-year-old, and I have 13, 10,6, and 3 years old. His 16-year-old has a lot of attitudes and just bad temperament, especially if he isn’t allowed electronics. My kids end up doing all the chores (walking the dog, feeding and watering her, picking up around the house) Is it wrong of me to change the WiFi password until he helps? My bf said he shouldn’t HAVE to do anything, even helping with dishes and wiping mirrors. I am at my wit’s end, I can’t keep cleaning after seven people by myself, and have only my kids help… just want to know opinions? And might I add my kids game time is VERY regulated like they have to pick up their room and get homework done before they can have any electronics or TV time.


Why doesnt he have a job?
Yes change pw. Yes take away his electronics. He sounds like a brat!


I’d change the password and if the asshole bf doesn’t change leave em both in the dust


Does ur boyfriend help clean? If not, that explains his kid being lazy. If they can’t help, do nothing for them.


Either they both step up or step out. Stop doing their chores, stop cooking and buying their things. You’re not a maid. Tell them until they start doing their part you’re not helping pick up their slack and neither are your kids.


Literally need to leave the guy. He feels like his kid doesn’t have to help around the house there a big problem there


You clean up after yourself and your kids and make the lazy bf and his kid clea up after themselves. That also means those 2 lazy guys do their own laundry and cooking!!!
Is the dog a “family dog” purchased after you moved in together or was it yours before or his before? If it was the bf and the lazy brat then make them take care of it!!! The 16 yr old doesn’t do chores…no wifi, no cell phone no extras!!!


He won’t lift a pin until the dad have a different prospective on stuff done in and around the home


It’s hard at that age. Especially being the oldest of a new family. Don’t be so hard on him. Help him adjust. You can see a behavioral therapist to help you help him. Don’t give up.


I’d be making plates for just me and my kids. Same with laundry etc. Change the password daily and give out the code to those who complete chores. Tell dad ur son doesnt have to do his chores but that means you need to step up and do them for him. Until then make ur own food and wash ya drawers. Same with booty. His kids not some entitled king. :roll_eyes:

Cut your losses and run. Actually set him and his kid outside. Homeless people don’t have to clean up either. Js


All kids in a household, though adjusted to their age, should have the same rules. Not only is it unfair to put everything on them, it sets a very bad example.


The boyfriend is the problem


I’d let your bf be in charge of washing his clothes and cooking his meals etc then. Serve one meal for your kids and a basic one for him if he wants to be treated differently. When he steps up he gets the benefits that go with it.


I get rid of both he’s probably just like his father


His kid should be treated the same way your kid’s are. If he’s not down with that, then he and his kid need to go.


I have app on phone I can shut off who and what I want.


This is the kind of stuff you hammer out before you move in. The BF has already sided with his son you you have your answer. Either deal with it or go.


I’d kick them out. Deuces :wave:t3:


I kinda see it opposite . He’s one 16 year old that jus gained a TON of siblings . The house probably stayed a lot neater before all of that and he probably didn’t have to do much same as dad . If each kid just picks up after them self as they go and that’s what we do then the cleaning wouldn’t be so demanding