My boyfriends brother hates me and makes up rumors: Advice?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over two years; we have a one-month-old together. Through the years, his oldest brother has caused nothing but problems. He’s tried to break us up, he makes rumors about me, through my whole pregnancy he told everyone that the baby was not my boyfriend’s and even convinced him to leave me (that only lasted for a couple of weeks until he found out the truth.) Well, to this day, my boyfriend still talks to him. The brother refuses to see his niece because of me and has had every chance in the world to meet her. I know it’s his brother, but he goes off and does jobs for him and with him, and they talk. I just don’t think it’s right, and it’s showing his brother that this behavior is okay, and it’s not. What do you think I should do? I’ve tried talking to him about this saying that I’ve given him a chance after chance, but he still does these things and that I don’t appreciate him letting his brother get away with it. NOTE: I really do not know why his brother has such a big problem with me, I hardly had anything to do with him except for family events, and I was always respectful and nice.


guess his bro likes you secretly hahaha what an asshole?!


Ur boyfriend needs to set up and put his brother in his place pointblank


He must want to be with you keep away from him


In his eyes you probably just took his brother away from him and there time together 🤷🤷🤷 some people are really like that. God bless hope things get better for you :pray::pray: if he dosent wanna be in the babys life its his lost dont worry about family members so much as long as you being a good mommy thats all that really matters


I would be okay with him spending time with his brother, its shows your the bigger person. Personally I’d focus on setting you own boundaries and enjoying life. Your boyfriend will follow or leave either way you win. Stay positive :v:


I went.thru this for many years.with my.husbands try.n put up with it because your boyfriend will not give up his bro unless he does something to him before he sees the.light. it’s tough u stay.or go good luck

Don’t think you’re telling the full story, nobody has that level of hate for no reason. Whether it’s the full story or not your man does need to stand up for you and have concrete boundaries in place. You can’t expect him not to talk to his brother though, that’s blood no matter what. He can set those boundaries when it comes to you, but you can’t expect him to give up familial relationships because of you.


Be careful he secretly likes you watch out…


Stay out of brothers.u will loose.


Brother is childish and your bf need to step up telling him to grow up. If your bf can’t speak up leave him.


Boyfriend needs to grow up and make you his wife since y’all have a child together, maybe his brother will come around. If not oh well.


Your bf is a dickhead for not sticking up for you regardless who it is. YOU are his woman & he shouldn’t let anyone be disrespectful towards you. ESPECIALLY being that y’all are in a serious relationship and are the mother of his child. He really should tell his brother to stop his shit. Now if the brother continues to not like you then fine, but he should still be respectful towards you whenever y’all are around eachother. They both need to grow up. But you can’t stop him from hanging out with his brother or going to work with him even though his brother is probably whispering negativity in your bfs ear. If it gets to the point your bf isn’t man enough to think for himself then leave him bc he’ll start treating you like shit bc of it & believing lies.


Punch him in the face , He should learn his lesson js

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Don’t worry about it! Let him be the ass.does ur bf’s family except u and the baby? If so don’t worry about him!


His brother is really attached to him and fears he’s losing him. He’s not mature enough to just say it, this is how he’s acting out…he’s a lil baby


Sounds like the brother is a manipulative little boy who needs to grow up and your man needs to grow a set and put his baby brother in his place


Ur boyfriend needs to grow a pair and tell his brother to get a life ect


He probably jealous of his brothers happiness too. Girl your boyfriend sounds too weak. Should have left when he initially doubted you. Who needs this headache. Two many :fishing_pole_and_fish:.


I refuse to involve myself in a serious relationship with a “Man” that allows people outside the relationship run his relationship or tell him who I am meaning he is too gullible for my taste. Turn off.