My boyfriends cats pee in random spots in his house: Advice?

I need advice! I’m in a semi-new relationship, I’ve been staying at his house most of the time. He has two indoor cats (that he’s obsessed with) which is cool because I am an animal lover as well. I noticed right off of the back that his house had a urine smell (but I just thought it was because of the litter box). The rest of his house is clean, and he’s a clean person. Then I was getting ready for work one morning after he had already left and one of his cats starts peeing in the sink! And then, about a couple of days later, I did some of his laundries and put it on the couch for the time being, and the same cat comes and pees right on top of the clothes! Also, today I got out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and it smelled so bad of cat pee. I’ve mentioned this to him and made small remarks about the urine smell, but he just kind of shrugs it off. I’m super disgusted and obviously hate the smell. I’ve tried to put that cat outside during the day, but he just lets her right back in. I’m to the point that I don’t even want to stay here anymore solely because the smell… but he wants me to move in full time. I love this guy and want a future with him, but I can’t live in cat piss smelling house, especially if I have to worry about every piece of clothing or towel I use. What do I do!? Has this ever happened to you?


Just be up front to him about what you’ve seen the cats do and it’s a deal breaker as far as you moving in if he can’t get the problem fixed… Have him take them to the vet

My cat started doing this as soon as I brought my son home from the hospital… it’s a jealousy thing, probably since you moved in, he feels like your infringing on his space… it was tough to break… we had to be careful about what we put down where… we had to keep bedroom doors closed… it’s a pain in the neck!

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Make sure the cat gets medical attention to be sure it doesn’t have a UTI. It could be behavioral though. Sometimes cats are really sensitive to change and newcomers in “their” house. Has it been going on since before you moved in? If so then it is more likely medical. If the cat isn’t spayed/neutered they are also more likely to mark their territory. I’d look into those thing first. I’m a licensed vet technician :slight_smile:


I’m confused. This is a new relationship and youre already trying to take over and move in??? Weird.


Ask yourself this- do you want to live like this forever or at least until the cat finishes it’s life? I’d maybe tell your boyfriend you refuse to live like that. If it costs your relationship, then it might be best to move on and find a guy who doesn’t allow something so gross in his home. I don’t know why in the world he would expect you to live like that, but that’s terrible. Also, what would he do if you ended up pregnant? I heard you can’t change the cat litter when you are pregnant, so the cat peeing all over the house is an absolute no go!


There are a few things that can be going on, the cat is upset about you being there and getting attention, the cat is mad at your guy, or there is a health issue with the cat. Cats are notorious for bladder crystals and infections, most don’t get enough water and the dry food is not really good for them unless they get wet food also. I suggest taking the cat to the vet to make sure there is not a medical issue. To rid the cat smell in clothes add in a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle. For furniture and carpet look for an enzyme cleaner. I have an 11 year old cat when she is mad at someone she pees on their dirty clothes or clean clothes, she hated my ex because he would chase her off of me when I was holding her because she wanted too much attention, while he was playing video games.

Yes! Honestly, some men just don’t get it. Maybe he can come to your house instead of you going there and when he starts asking you to come over just explain it to him again or maybe you can get one of his family member or friends to help explain it to him.

If he won’t put that mf cat out, Run.


You’re gonna have to tell him that. That you love him and want to move to the next step of your relationship, and you love his fur babies but before you can live with him y’all have to explore some options for getting kitty cat to go in her litter box. Make sure he knows you don’t think he’s nasty, the smell is just potent and it’s hard for you. Open and honest communication will be the best course every time. I hope y’ all can find a solution that suits you both.

Is the cat fixed? Could be marking its terroity with you being newly there…

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My cats will pee in a clothes basket if it is left on the floor. Same for a cardboard box (my kids like to use them as toys and color them :joy:). If towels are left on the bathroom floor for too long, those risk getting peed on too. It was even worse before they got fixed. Now, we just make sure that stuff like that isn’t left on the floor. And yes, sometimes stuff like this can be a sign of uti. I’ve had mine checked though so that’s not the problem. They’re just assholes. :woman_shrugging:t2: I’d tell him that if he wants you to stay, then the issue needs to be addressed. No one wants to be in a house that smells like cat piss.

That would be a deal breaker for me. I couldn’t live in pee. Think if you have kids someday. Pee everywhere. Ick.


1st off you should not be breathing it.and it is nasty for it to pee in the sink

You need more than one litter box in seperate parts of the home. Make sure the cats are fixed as well. This is probably a dominance issue. Could also be a sign of a uti

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That cat is most likely doing it cause it’s mad that you are there taking his attention, that doesn’t make it ok but it is something that can be worked on.

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  1. make him take the cat to the vets, can be a sign of UTIs in cats.
  2. get some of the carpet spray from pets at home or somewhere similar that takes the smell out of the carpet (it has something in it that breaks down the proteins that then attracts the cats to pee there again)
    ensure there is always a clean litter tray (and always 1 more tray than there is cats 1 cat = 2 trays, 2 cats =3 trays etc).
    and just be honest with your guy (maybe he’s embarrassed or become immune to the smell… cats can be trained prior you rule out any illnesss) maybe a feliway too?

Take the cat to the vet and have them looked at. Usually cats go outside of the litter box due to UTIs or other health issues. I also think it’s very wrong of you to kick the cat outside and then get upset when he brings it back in. You call yourself an animal lover, but I don’t feel like you truly are. An animal lover would get the kitty checked out, not get rid of it.


female cats do this when they reach their first heat. get her fixed and it’ll stop the problem. she’s marking her territory. like you said, you’re new and the cat is like, no, he is mine​:rofl::rofl:

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Then leave him …and go somewhere else…if he is obviously obsessed with his cats…just leave him

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