My boyfriends cats pee in random spots in his house: Advice?

Are the cats fixed? When my cat went into heat for the first time she started doing that. I got her fixed and she stopped asap. You can get a urine detecting flashlight and spray that cleans up the smell as well as deters them from peeing there again.

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Maybe get the cat fixed, clean litter box more. Or have more litter boxes available… or take cat to the vet might be something wrong.

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Could be a UTI, take kitty to the vet and switch to wet food if on dry. And of course get kitty fixed

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Smell is disgusting and never goes away…not like dog pee.

:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: communication! Talk to your partner!!! Tell him it’s serious enough for you to consider not moving in. We can’t help you with this one. You have to talk to him. His cats might trump you on this one. Especially since you said youve mentioned it before.

I have had cats all my life and my 12 year old cat pisses behaviorally. If the box isn’t to her liking or if you leave clothes or anything by the box or if she’s pissed. Could be medical could be behavioral but maybe get it looked at

I have a friend whose car did this… cat just needed a bigger litter box

Deep clean the entire house with an enzyme removing cleaner. Put litter boxes in multiple rooms even 2 in their favorite room. Putting them outside won’t help them learn indoor behavior. Get them both fixed if they aren’t already. Keep the litter boxes clean. Cats don’t like a dirty bathroom anymore than you do.

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Miracle spray from petsmart
Via her/water and baking soda works too on those spots
Have him get two litter boxes
Changes to pellets Pine scent
Purina tidy cats kit works great
Overall it could be behavioral
Won’t know until he gets his cats fixed and vet check with more litter boxes
Obviously wash the carpet
And tell ur bf it’s a sanitary issue and I may be fixed.
If it’s a behavioral thing it may be those cats don’t like u and r trying to annoy u enough to end it
I had a cat that hated my kids and would pee and poop near their stuff

When ours did that it was because he would pee so much that he’d “fill” the litter box due to diabetes

Cats gotta go or u go.

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Ok we have 3 cats. All are fixed. Cat #1 usually goes outside to do his business but if he cant and the dog (who he hates) is in the house he will go in the bathtub. Cat #2 is special needs she is bulimic and has no self preservation. She will literally sit on an air vent until she burns then stay on the thing. Constantly binge eats then pukes. She also constantly licks herself to the point of sores. Vet said nothing is actually wrong with her she is just dumb. Now to cat #3 his name is monster and it’s a very good name for him. One of the first nights I stayed with my SO it shit in my hand while I was sleeping. He is a very territorial animal. He likes to piss and shit in other beds. Now that we have gotten to know each other I give him treats occasionally and love on him he does better. He is an attention whore. Also if the litterbox is not cleaned on time he will start acting up. We have two automatic cleaning ones. We have to change the litter every two weeks any longer and he will piss on something he is not supposed to. Good luck with the cats and talk to your partner.

Talk to him trust me if he loves you he’s gona choose to fix it or get rid of animals , a guy that loves really loves u , always tries to fix problems not create them

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Toss the whole man in the trash (with his pissy pussy) & find a man with a dog!!


You have to sterelised/spayed his cats in order for them to stop peeing everywhere.

Get a vinegar mix with baking soda and spray it over the area that it peed.

Sounds like the cat needs a vet visit. It could have a infection causing it to pee places other than it’s litter box


My cat was wild before he was neutered. No problems anymore.

My one cat wont pee in the litter so I have a dif litter box I put chep or old towels in and she only pees in there , she # 2 in the other box with the other cats , I have two reg boxes they pee in one and poo in the other ( they did this on thier own ) but one peed on the towel on the floor so I just started putting her a special towel box and no more issues. Its worth a try . Use a towel it already peed on to start .

Take the cat to the vet as she likely needs to be spayed

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He needs to clean the litter box more often or there is a medical issue. Cats are smart. The cat is trying to tell him something.

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