My boyfriends cats pee in random spots in his house: Advice?

Do they need to be spayed or neutered

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Cats sometimes do this if they have a urinary tract infection

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Call the vet. It could be a medical issue. Also multiple litter pans. Should have one for each feline. Also, but the litter boxes in quiet areas. Cats get spooked easily. If a cat is stressed due to changes in its life, could cause a few medical issues as well. However, call the vet to make sure it’s not something medical. I work at vet clinic and we see cats with this issue a lot.


Personally I wouldn’t put up with it.

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My first guess is that it’s behavioral… they don’t know what to think with you being there and taking attention from their daddy :smiley_cat: Give them as much love and attention as they’ll accept, and look into spaying/neutering (will help with the territorialism). But that’s just my guess, from the outside looking in… I see others talking about UTIs or other health related issues, so that’s always worth looking into as well

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My daughter had a cat that would piss on every towel he could get to, took it to the vet no issues with him, had him nurtured that didnt help, finally he just had to go. If you put Arm & Hammer with white vinegar and regular detergent it will refresh the clothes and towels. Good Luck

I have been reading all the comments, sometimes a healthy cat will pee everywhere. In those cases, it’s usually the cat feeling threatened by someone or something. It could be as simple as a animal coming into their yard and that make them feel threatened of it being in there territory. The cat may also be a non confident cat. So in my opinion, if it’s not a medical issue you may want to seek advice from a cat behaviorist.

If the cat is not going in the littler box more than likely something is wrong. Tell him to take it to the vet! My cat did this & she ended up having pancreatitis :crying_cat_face:

I mean you can get pretty sick from cAt urine. That’s a no go for me. Find a new man… haha


Get multiple trays cats don’t like using the same tray. Eliminate anything that he can have access you. Spray pepper in the sink. Don’t clean with bleach the ammonia increases the smell of the ammonia in cat pee. Don’t leave washing out

I had a cat that was very rebellious and when my boyfriend now husband would come over he would pee in the areas of the house he was at. I found out that my cat didn’t like him and was trying to mark is territory. Maybe she doesn’t like you in her home just a thought

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I would definitely not be putting someone’s cat outside with the risk of being responsible if it doesn’t come back or dies out there. There’s no reason to do that. He needs to bring the cat to the vet and get it fixed if it’s not fixed but just overall checked out regardless because most of the time when cats Pee on things it stems from a medical issue or being in pain. Buy a pheromone spray and vinegar to get rid of the scent completely and it should get the cat to stop peeing in spots

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There’s a difference between peeing and spraying. If he’s not nueterd, get him fixed. If it is pee, some cats are weird about having an absolutely clean litter box. I have 2. One will pee on the area rug or towel in the bathroom if the litter box isn’t to his liking. Also a medical issue will cause them to pee everywhere. If it’s territorial, it’s more likely spraying. But I’d definitely have his health checked out, could be serious. Tell ur bf if he loves his cat, to get him an appt asap to rule out and health issues and to get him nueterd if he isn’t already.


Cats dont like to use the same litter

We had this issue with one of the cats we have! Thankfully we broke it. We paid to get her fixed, bought a second litter box as she is not one for sharing with other cats! Deep cleaned the whole house and bleached the spots she peed and she hasn’t peed anywhere but the litter box since!

Change the brand of your litter maybe

As someone who has bred and raised cats for over 15 years, let me share a few nuggets of wisdom. Some have already been shared by others so I’ll just reiterate, others, I’m going to let you know come from cat behavior specialists. So either you can take them to heart, or you can ignore them and keep dealing with getting your stuff covered in cat urine. Your call either way.

Nuggets of Wisdom:

Cats are territorial of both places AND people, so when they find that a new person or animal has invaded their territory, they’re very likely to urinate on pretty much everything to mark their stuff to scare off the intruder (you) by basically saying “Hey, this stuff is ours, GTFO.”

However, from the sound of it, the urine issues have been going on since before your arrival, and therefore this leads me to believe something else is happening. Your new boyfriend has possibly done a rather ‘piss’ poor job of training the cats not to mark their territory on items and the environment. Hence why he didn’t seem to care about them urinating on his laundry or anything else for that matter…

Another culprit could be that the cats have not been spayed or neutered, and as any responsible cat owner should know, spaying and neutering your pets will significantly reduce the risk of territorial marking of urine.

Another possibility is that a UTI may be the culprit and the cats are in need of a visit to the vet and a checkup and a round of antibiotics to treat it, along with sterilizing the litter boxes and possibly changing the type of litter used. To remove the urine smell from fabrics and upholstery, vinegar or an enzyme cleanser (you can find these at any pet store or the pet section of Walmart) will do the trick. You can also pick up some spray repellent that you can spray on surfaces to deter the cats from going near to help train them not to go to while teaching them not to mark territory on everything.

Things you can do to avoid issues through this process:

  1. Don’t put any laundry on sofas or couches, put it straight into the bedroom and then fold or hang and immediately put it away to avoid giving the cats the opportunity to urinate on it.

  2. Catnip. Spray AND dried. I know it sounds silly, but spray the spray on furniture and sprinkle the dried stuff on the floor in areas where they liked to mark territory but you don’t want them to anymore and they will begin to associate the catnip with the area instead of the drive to mark territory, kind of like a ‘Pavlov’s Dogs’ training scenario.

  3. Invest in calming pheromones for cats (you can find all sorts of different types online) and research why and how they work so you can customize what you are getting, but the idea is to create a calming atmosphere for the cats while you are there so they are less anxious and therefore less inclined to have a drive to mark territory.

  4. Talk with your boyfriend about getting an extra litter box and possibly switching litter types to find one that makes those cats just absolutely excited about going to the bathroom in the litter box. There is a product called Cat Attract that you can order online that works amazingly well for this purpose if you want to do some research on it, and it is guaranteed to attract the cats to the litter boxes without fail.

  5. Get those cats spayed/ neutered if they’re not already. Not just because it will knock down the urination, but because they will be at risk of reproductive complications, including cancers, by 6 years of age if they are left in tact since they are pets and not breeding stock.

And finally, because you are clearly asking for help and you are showing you care, the best thing you can do is to try to give them as much attention as possible to guarantee them that their place in the home is still secure, and that your presence is not a threat to them. That is a genuine concern for them and they will have a great deal of anxiety over their location in the hierarchy of their perceived ‘pride’ with the introduction of a new member (you) and that scares them. So make sure that you show them that their place is still secure.

Good luck, you can do this.


I have two cats and two cat litter boxes as they will not use the same box. There also picky on the litter They use… they only like Arm & Hammer multi cat or protection cover. Also there even picky to what kind of litter boxes, one has a full cover well the other likes there open litter box. Also try a scooping litter if not already using as some cats are very picky and won’t use a litter box that is dirty. I scoop mine out like twice to three times a day and fully change the litter once a week as my cats are very picky. Cats are funny and can be territorial they could also be doing it to be rebellious. Are they spayed or nurtured as this could be a problem as well. Having cats I wouldn’t leave plastic bags, boxes or any clothes of any type on the floor. This will help stop them also. Also there is a spray called natures miracle that you can spray or wash the floors, carpets with to get rid of the smell that helps stops them peeing in the same area.

I have 4 cats… 2 older brothers and 2 younger ones that I inherited when my aunt passed away. One of my older cats will pee on the bed, couch, chair, clothes piled in floor for laundry, throw rugs and the dog’s blanket. We cover the bed and couch with a plastic shower curtain, pick the dog blanket up at night and do not leave anything in the floor. We have large litter boxes ( 18 gallon totes with large opening cut in side). I found this cleaner on Amazon that is the first thing that really works. It is called Angry Orange. At least it will get rid of the odor if you clean and spray it on the spots. I have used the cat attract stuff in the cat pan too.

They are hos cats, why didn’t he take his obsession to the vet, he can’t be too clean if he enjoys cat piss on everything !!