My boyfriends sister and I do not get along: What should I do?

My boyfriend and I have a kid together, and we sometimes go down to her sister, who has a daughter and is expecting another. She and my relationship can be like a roller coaster at the time. Like she loves to fight about why I should I do this instead of that to my daughter, yet I fight with her about the fact she smokes weed and loves to drink her wine and still breastfeeding and expecting another kid. I love the little girl to death, but she loves to fight everyone and doesn’t eat unless her mom and dad are around. Her dad gets tired of the fact she isn’t disciplined. My boyfriend ( her brother) told me that he might adopt her because his sister thinks her daughter isn’t her boyfriend’s father because she cheated and went back to an ex and said she wouldn’t raise her if it’s the other guy kid. Yet my boyfriend told her that he’ll take her, and now she blowing up. Yet I told him that for the two years this little been alive, there were a few times she should have been taken away. She tells me I’m hurting my kid by getting the right stuff for my baby, yet she’s hurt her daughter and unborn. She three months pregnant


Why dont you report her.

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Sounds wrong on so many levels. Will the baby be born addicted? I don’t know about pot? But what about fetal alcohol syndrome? For your boyfriend to want to take that on is asking a lot from YOU. Unless he’s a stay at home dad. You guys have lots to talk about.

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I wish I could help you but I didn’t understand that rambling mess.


Honestly tell her to shut the hell up focus on her kids and her and not your child an you !

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Come back when you explain things properly please.


Tell her to stfu and if your that concerned do what’s right and report her 🤷🤦


Nacho her. Ignore her. Don’t pay her no attention or give her any of your time with you or your kids. She is not your family so don’t even let her be a thought. Sounds like way too much energy for someone not worth it. Let your boyfriend handle everything that is to do with her.


OP feel free to message me. We can FB audio chat about a SIL. Bitch picked the wrong one!:sunglasses:

I can’t even decipher what the hell is going on here.


Alright. So first things first. This is one massive run on sentence and I cannot make heads not tails of what is going on here. If anyone breaks the code let me know.


Say what? I’m confused

In this mess of explaining… all I understand here is, theres a lot of immaturity! :sweat_smile: Lol how about leave each other alone! :woman_shrugging:t3: Stay away from her and mind your business :+1:t2:


Okay here is what I think she was trying to say:

  1. Her and her boyfriend have a daughter.

  2. He has a sister with one daughter and is 3 months pregnant

  3. Sister drinks and smokes pot even though she is pregnant

  4. She doesn’t get along with sister cause she questions her parenting, when in fact, she is being a bad mom.

  5. Boyfriend has debated about adopting either the niece or new baby when it’s born. I couldn’t tell which one. Cause sister thinks the baby isn’t her boyfriends and he will not help raise a baby that isn’t his.

  6. Sister is pissed that her boyfriend offered to take the little girl or baby.

  7. Niece is very loved by family, but is a brat. She fights and isn’t respectful and refuses to eat unless sister or “her dad” is there.

There is fighting being her and the sister. They don’t get along and she doesn’t know what to do.

Sooo… that’s what I got from it.


Actual glass of wine a week during pregnancy can’t hurt and I smoked during 2 of my 3 pregnancies they came out healthy and chunky full term. It all depends. She might be bipolar and that’s the only way she can keep calm. You both have different views it’s normal


This is kind of a jumbled mess but if I understand things correctly I think you all need to a: grow up and b: stay away from this lady…she is not your family - mind your own business and let her mind her own business.

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She sounds awful. That being said I wouldn’t argue with her. Just nod and smile and keep your thoughts to yourself.

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Correct me if I’m wrong…I got that the brother is that child’s father and not really the uncle! :woman_facepalming:t4::grimacing: :neutral_face:


Mind ur business… the dr will actually tell u not to fully quit just cut back…
If they feel like her kids are in so much danger then step the fuck up and do something about it
Y’all ain’t in high school
opinions are like asaholes EVERYONE HAS THEM

ok… 1st if she dont like the way you parent tell her to suck it… 2nd if the dad is tired of her not being disciplined why isnt he stepping up and disciplining her? 3rd if shes harming her kids report her… and finally if he wants to adopt her take her to court and do it … if she dont like you stay away from her problems solved…

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