My boyfriends son still wets the bed: What can we do?

I need some help. My boyfriend’s son is nine and has been wetting the bed for years now. He has tried everything to help, including the underwear sensor, medication, cutting him off from liquids after a certain time, and getting him up multiple times a night. We ate at our wit’s end. Another mattress, third this year alone, is ruined… Even with the plastic covering. We don’t know what to do at this point.


Have you taken him to see a doctor? I had an issue with this as a child and it was medically diagnosed. I’m not sure what it was anymore.

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Buy a mattress cover, my friends son is still going through this and he’s 12. She tried everything she could. So she just buy mattress covers and it does saves the bed.

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Take him to the doctor

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Take him to the doctor. He may have a medical problem

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How often is he in your care? Can be a stresser. May not feel comfortable there or miss his mum.
Do not blame the child. He wouldn’t be doing it on purpose


Definitely take to doc. They can ultrasound his bladder and make sure nothing is wrong. They can also give medication to strengthen his bladder

Speak to your gp and get him referred to a specialist. Lots of kids just kinda go into a deep sleep and dont wake for the toilet. I used bring my son out exactly 2 hours after he went to bed. If it went to 2.5 hours he would have wet it. He is 8 now and hasent wet the bed since he was 4.5. My now 5 year old was the opposite he wanted nappies off at 2.5 and wouldnt wear them in bed. He has had one accident. Every child is different and at age 9 maybe a specialist would be able to help

Take to Bladder Specialists!!!

We had to use Male depends for our son. He would wake up and change it and go back to bed. It helped retrain his brain better than the sensors.

Is he diabetic or the zombies run in the family you need to take him and be checked

I did it til I was 12 then it stopped

He may need his tonsils out

Bed wetting is considered “normal” until 12. Pull-ups, mattress cover, and patience. He’s probably as embarrassed as you are frustrated. My daughter just turned 11 and still wets the bed every night. We tried everything as well and nothing worked. Obviously if there are other symptoms that lead you to believe there’s something more going on, then a trip to the doctor may be in order but otherwise there’s not much you can do.


They usually quit on their own. When they are a certain age. Usually 12 or 14.just be patient, and keep the laundry. It’s not because they want to, they just can’t help it.


Take him to the dr… see what’s wrong… I’ve also heard that bed wetting is a sign of abuse but if not maybe something medical…

Get the doctor to do full tests, guessing being on medication was doctors orders? go get a second opinion, sounds like an underlying issue, or has a smaller sized bladder, it’s not just him doing it on purpose, dont get angry or mad at him, as hard as that sounds, because it will just make him feel more insecure and have more accidents

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It’s also a sign of stress or behavioral issues such as adhd or odd but not always

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A urologist, a better mattress cover and pull-ups (adult Depends if needed for the size).


Whip his butt & he get his lazy butt out of bed & go to bathroom.