My breastfed baby is having a hard time taking a bottle: Advice?

I am a first-time mom and just gave birth a week ago. I pump and feed my baby with a bottle because I plan on going back to work in about 5-weeks. Ever since my baby was born, he will start eating on the bottle and then immediately stop and start crying like it isn’t coming out fast enough. He does fine when I breastfeed him, but I am trying to get him used to be on the bottle for when my mom watches him. Is there a certain type of nipple that breastfed babies prefer?


Pace feed. Could be that the flow is too much for baby.

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Tommee tippee or Comotomo bottles seem to be the best for breastfed babies coming from a grandma who babysits :slight_smile:

Try different bottles. It also could be a tongue or lip tie. It took my son 7 different tries of different brands before he finally got it. He also has a tongue tie so it made it harder especially with pacifiers.

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Only bottle my babygirl will take!

Wow your mom ought to know

Have your mom come and try when your not in the room

If the flow isn’t fast enough can try the advent breast nipples the #2 nipples they have 2 holes for a quicker flow. Best bottles I used


Try somebody else feeding him with the bottle he might know you are there and will want the boob out of instinct. That’s what happens with my friends baby


My breastfed babies have both done best on the lansinoh momma bottles

Playtex nursers worked great for us. He might also not be taking the bottle from you since he knows you have the boobies lol. Try having someone else feed him a bottle if you can!


Avent were the only ones mine would take.

We use tommee tippee. My bf babies love it. Pacifiers too

With my son, he wouldnt take a bottle from me. Took it perfect for my mom while she watched him when my husband and I worked. Even at home if my husband by chance tried to give him a bottle, he wouldnt take it lol i literally would have to leave. Babies are smart and he knows you have the real deal :rofl:

I actually but the hole bigger on one of the girls bottle. You can get bigger sized holes maybe he’s just ready for the next step one.

My breastfed babies did great with avent bottles because they are wide like a breast. Honestly trying different bottles is best

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Try putting peice of your clothing close to his nose while feeding bottle

Avent bottles or the Nanobebe bottles that are shaped like a breast might be good

If it is you (mom) giving the bottle that is why. I had to have a friend do the bottle & she kicked me out lol. Kid took bottle fine once I left. Babies smell is one of their stronger senses. Have someone else try with you out of the house

Try a couple different bottles. You never know which one your baby will like best. Also make sure the pumped milk is warm enough in the bottle. When you feed from the boob the milk is very warm so baby will most likely refuse the bottle if it’s too cold. Don’t give up. You’re doing good introducing the bottle this soon