My breastfed baby will not take a bottle: Advice?

Hi mommas! FTM to a 7.5 month old baby boy. I am searching for some advice. A little backstory, I am a stay at home mom and have fed my son only from the breast. He will not take a bottle. I have tried leaving him with MIL with pumped milk and a bottle and he will not eat the entire time until he gets home. I am wanting more flexibility to be able to let my son spend time with the family away from home, but I can’t leave him really because he refuses to eat from a bottle. I have gotten up with my son for every single night waking, Fuss, cry, cluster feed his entire life. My husband so desperately wants to be able to help but my son will not take the bottle. I am feel stressed and hopeless. I want to be able to enjoy a date night with my husband again and maybe go back to work part time to help out financially more, but none of this is possible until my son will take a bottle. Any advice would be helpful! I am open to still feeding at the breast AND bottle but I can’t just feed from the breast only anymore I’m exhausted and only 1 person. ( I do want to say I am extremely blessed to be able to have the opportunity to breastfeed and stay home so I am not complaining at all about that.) I just want others to be able to help me out when I need it. TIA


Have you tried a sippy cup ?


He can smell you. Have someone else do it when you are not there to get him used to it.

Agree try a sippy cup


Introduce him to some food and a sippy is a great idea.

Both my kids were like this. Never took a bottle. Ever. Go directly to a sippy cup! Make sure he gets filled up with baby food, age appropriate cereals, yogurt etc. Hang in there. You’re doing great!

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Tommee Tippee bottles worked best for my daughter when I had to go back to work and was still nursing And maybe try them or him holding something that smells like you so he smells mama.

Some babys gag from a bottle or a binky I would talk to the pediatrician

They make a nipple and a certain type of bottle that the nipple is shaped and similar to your breast. I’m sorry I cannot remember the brand

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What kind of bottle have you tried? My middle child would only use mam. I would try different bottles. Also I agree about having someone else try to feed baby.

My youngest refused the bottle too. I also worked part time. It didn’t matter what bottle or nipple, breast milk or formula. She just went without while I was at work and was fed baby food. As soon as I’d get off I’d nurse her and she’d be good.

Make sure baby is being pace fed from a bottle. Try different bottles until you find one he will take. This is why i introduced a bottle early (4-6 weeks with my son, 4 days with my daughter) when breastfeeding. Have yet to have an issue getting them to take any bottle offered.

I had the same problem with my first born. No bottle no dummy. He simply refused to be fed… i kept on going for 2years on breast… you will have lots of crying for 3 day but try using a bottle. I used tommee tippee as it is shaped closer to the nipple. You can also try telling your husband to feed him and remove yourself from the room as he will still smell you !! Keep strong mamma you can do it :heart::heart:

I was in the same situation. Bought so many bottles. The Mam bottles where the only ones she would take.

I tried starting my oldest with a bottle around 8 weeks. He never really took it, would refuse for husband and daycare. We got to a point where my husband would bring him to my work for my lunch everyday because I worked 12 hour shifts. Only real resolution was once he started solids.

Try these!!
I’ve heard amazing things about them & our pediatrician recommended them to us as well.

Try drinking straight from a cup, assisted, or with a straw. Mine wouldn’t take a bottle either. He just started using a straw at 14 months. He preferred to drink from a regular cup. He didn’t even like sippy cups.

My little girl is still like this she’s 17 months I’ve accepted it sadly :woman_shrugging:

Try the Minbie bottle. It’s Teet is specifically made like a nipple for babys who won’t take to a bottle.

Advent bottles were my go to! They’re recommended for breastfeeding and never caused nipples confusion. It could be the flow also, maybe it’s not fast enough for him at 7.5 months? Also maybe try to put a little milk on the tip so he can realize what it is.

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