My brother is mad that I will not allow him to see his girlfriend during this outbreak: Thoughts?

I basically told my brother that he isn’t allowed to visit his girlfriend with this pandemic going on at the moment. It’s spreading fast where I am at. I told him he could either stay here or he could to stay with her, but I wasn’t going to have him going back and forth (he takes UBER). I have two littles plus two older with asthma. I am not risking them getting sick. He is now begging me to let him see her or to at least let her come to my house. I swear I’m at the point of losing my shit over this. How can no one be taking this seriously? I should add that he is living with me at the moment until he can get back up on his feet (he was kicked out of our parent’s house) I’m not asking him to pay bills or anything, just to pick up after himself. I’m ready to give him the boot if he says anything one more time. Am in the wrong for doing this? I love my brother, but my kids come first. I would hate to have to do something like this during this time.


Your house, your rules. If he doesn’t like it, he’s free to leave.


You are not in the wrong here! Just because he isn’t taking it seriously, doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to protect your family! Plus, he’s living there free… he doesn’t have a say!


You are right!! Protecting our children is a number one priority!! Keep up the great work! Stay blessed and healthy!! Aloha from Hawaii!!:hibiscus::hibiscus::palm_tree::palm_tree:

Thats what facetime is for. Brother needs to put on his big boy pants.


Ur family comes first. If he is selfish and doesnt take this virus very serious…then u need to get his priorities straight…his/ur own parents sent him out…a good example to follow…

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Nope you are completely right in this. Your houses, your rules. If he doesn’t like it, he can leave.

Then bubba needs to pack his shit and move in with his GF!

Stick to your guns! Your house! If he wants to see her then he can stay there till this is over!

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Just because you are letting him stay there for free does not mean you are Lord and Master over him.
Now, you are not in the wrong for protecting your family by telling him he can’t bop back and forth between the two places.

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No in and outs in my house either.

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He shouldn’t even be asking when he knows you have 2 older kids with asthma thats selfish of him!! He needs to get over himself at the moment theres a world wide pandemic going on. You need to protect your kids first x


100% agree with you.

Boot him out if he won’t listen it’s your house and you have to do what you can to protect your kids

If you Make it known you’re protecting your kids, and he still bothers you about it he obviously doesn’t respect you or your children.

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If he lives under your roof, your rules, or he can find somewhere else to go: :woman_shrugging:


:raising_hand_woman: same here, no in no out.

He sounds selfish, give him the boot if he can’t understand your children come first during all this.

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Tell him to stay with her then…see ya!


Don’t give in. Protect your kids and yourself.

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