My c-section scar burns: Is it normal?

Have any of you mothers had issues with stinging and burn irrational after a year or three years of c section whenever you wear jeans or any type of clothes that irritates your right side scar? Is there a numbing cream for it. Do I need to see a doctor for it?


I’ve had three c- sections its normal

I would see your doctor first. I had that problem after my second baby and it was caused by scar tissue build up.

Sometimes it happens to me randomly, it’s been a year almost since my c section

I still get it at random 5 years post c section

I’ve never had burning sensation, just numbness. It’s been 20 months since my c-section

I had my second one about 5 years ago when i wear jeans it’s still numb and gets itchy but never burns

Use the penaten cream for diaper rash

I would describe it more of a numbing sensation. It is normal. Had 2 csections. The area above and below the scar had no feeling . It can get itchy and tingles at times.

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All this nerves take forever or a lifetime to heal! :grimacing: I sometimes feel like I’m just weeks postop and my son is almost 7.


It was normal for me. 3 years later and the area is still sort of numb :woman_shrugging: i dont notice it anymore

I had severe pain on right side when I rolled over to stand up from bed. I ended up going to physical therapy for visceral mobilization.

Never had any trouble over 40 years 3 cesarean and a hysterectomy

Did your stitches get pulled out or where they desovable ones , with my first c-section I ended up with a bad infection

Check it, make sure you dont have a rash or yeast infection.

Mines almost 4 years old. Still burns on occasion, still itches, and still slightly numb

Mine still burns and itches. 38 years ago.

17 years almost since my first / pull out stitches. 15 years out from my second had tons scared tissue from first both emergency C sections staples with second rough scare. Sometimes it’s burns, itches, hurts, gets red. I can turn just the wrong way and get a ripping pain. Like I said 15 years out and sometimes it just hurts. Lol But I love those mean teenage Terrorist anyways :joy:

I would see your doctor before you start self treating. There could be something wrong.

I have one 3 years ago and it still sometimes burns randomly :grimacing: I can’t even touch the area because my nerves are messed up and what I feel does not match up to where I’m touching, it makes me incredibly uncomfortable when what i see doesn’t match up to what I feel so I just avoid it at all costs :woozy_face::joy::joy: