My child all of a sudden does not want to go to nursery: Thoughts?

Hi, is it normal for three years olds to suddenly not want to go to nursery? He’s been going for a while now, and yeah, some days he may say he doesn’t want to go, but he’d normally happily put his coat on and walk to the nursery… But last few days, he’s fully refusing to get dressed, crying hysterically, I have to pick him up to get him out of the house and carry him all the way there, and he won’t run in the nursery like he normally does, he clings onto me and refuses, one of his favorite teachers comes out and helps him go in, but he still seems hesitant, then message me to let me know he’s been fine and when I pick him up he’s fine but in the mornings it’s a struggle! Just want to know if this is normal or should I be questioning it more? Thankyou x


That would honestly make me nervous and I would be questioning some things

i would definitely question it

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It might help to go in with him for 10 or 15 minutes for a couple weeks and keep making the time shorter that you stay until he goes in calmly. That will also help you see what is going on in the room and make sure the daycare isn’t the problem

Maybe ask him if there is a reason he doesn’t want to go. Maybe one of the kids is being mean? I know it depends on each child at that age of they are able to answer a question like that, but my daughter is very verbal, and if I asked at a quiet calm time I think she would tell me.

Get a small nanny cam to clip on his backpack :school_satchel: so you can see what’s going on with your son. This could potentially be a red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:


I would be very worried.

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Question it. My daughter started behavioral things and come to find out the director was abusing the children


Question it more never ignore if you have a gut feeling. My nephew who I care for does that and it just depends on the day, sometimes he goes but most of the time he screams, cries, hits and is clingy with me. But I’ve spoken to the nursery they have worked with me on ways to make him feel more comfortable. I have also had family with bad experiences with teachers being more mean to their child so it’s best to always question anything even if it’s small

I would be very worried


He’s being abused. It may not be staff. It could be another child bullying him or a parent.


I wouldn’t over think!! My daughter absolutely loved nursery she started when she was 2 she ran in every morning happy as anything telling me about her day when I oicked her up, by the age of 3 and a half she started crying and would cling onto me etc but once she wa sin there she was fine, I even use to stand at the window peeking so no one could see me to watch her and soon as she put her coat on the peg she ran off playing smiling etc…
they may go through stages he’s probably thinking I want to stay home today haha, or he might be getting sick of the same sight, I wouldn’t jump into anything bout the nursery if you’ve never had problems before tbh but speak to them see what they say see if everything’s okay, there’s no need for a body cam… because that way it will be filming other children and that won’t be allowed!


Something is happening at day care I went through the same thing until one day I got call from them because she cried historically. They said nothing happened but to this day she is 10 years old and every day we pass the place she says there is that bad place mom. How does a 3 yr old remember that.

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It’s a normal three year old thing. They go through phases, my son cried going for a few weeks before Christmas and a minute later I’d get a picture of him happily playing. He was just being clingy. Then he had none for 2 months due to closures and he went back cheering 2 weeks ago, every morning he cant wait to go and is rushing me out the door.
I wouldnt stress but try make it exciting, talk about how much fun he will have, excited smiling wohooo type acting.


I would pop in during the day if possible and see what’s going on.:sob::pray:


Trust your gut. If he’s loved it till now, something happened.


Ummm. Children go through phases. I have raised 6 children. All of them at times refused to go to school/daycare. Sometimes kids just want their mommy. It can be overwhelming being apart from you for long periods of time. Everyone is quick to jump on the daycare saying it’s abuse when it could be something as simple as you working a bit later, or being too busy after school. Evaluate all aspects of your child’s day to day before assuming abuse.


Maybe it’s the time change? I know my kids don’t handle time change well. Or he could be being bullied. Maybe ask his teacher if he’s having problems with any kids

I would check it out you just never know

My son did this and I thought nothing if it 7ntil another worker let me know the teacher in his room was abusing him.