My child does not play well with other kids: Advice?

He’s only two years old give him time he’ll be just fine you’ll see how much he changes from now until next September. He’s just a normal baby notice I said baby he still is a baby don’t put labels on him I’m sure he is just fine

I would check to see if your little one is on the spectrum.

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Find one other child about his age. Have play dates. Start out slow. Dont force him to play with the other child by himself. You must play with them until he feels comfortable when you leave the two of them alone together. Start off leaving for short periods of time and increase the time slowly. He will soon become ok being left by himself to play with others.

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Hopefully he will get more socialized in preschool, my son whose 6 now is an only child and we didn’t have close friends or family with small children but going into preschool really helped him be used to being around other kids and socializing I’m sure he will adapt once he goes to preschool and gets used to be other children

We had none of the problems that 2020 has delivered…my daughter up until the age of 3 wanted me and me alone. She has 2 brothers, but still only me…wrapped around my leg. If my husband and I wanted to go out she consented to having the babysitter’s dog babysit her while the babysitter watched the boys. I could not bring myself to make her miserable and so upset, so I did what I could to survive it. We enrolled her in preschool and I told her I would sit in her class room until she said it was ok for me to leave. An hour into her first day she said you can go now…I went to the car in the parking lot knowing they would be out to get me in minutes. I sat in my car for the first week…and she was fine. She turned out to be be the most social of the 3 of them not sure this helps, but good luck.

I would find another mom with a kid in the same age range and make play dates with them. Let your son explore his social side with the same kid. He will see that the kid isn’t a stranger and open up.

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No most 2 year olds play beside others especially if they haven’t been exposed to others. Playing with others will come with more exposure

Typical behavior for an only child he’ll outgrow it

I agree with Dee Dee 100 %

This is literally my life rn