My child has high levels of lead in their blood: Advice?

Has your kid ever had a high level of lead in their blood? What was the source? I know it wasn’t from an old house or contaminated water or paint chips. Could it be in any kind of newer toy? Help!


how are you going to ask the internet the source of your childs situation? you know what its NOT? but you don’t know what it IS?


How do you know your water isn’t contaminated? Are your levels high too? If not, what’s different in where you go & what you ingest? Where are their toys from? Do you buy food from a dollar store?

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Most likely not from newer toys as they are checked, but don’t rule out older toys and furniture that the child may be around frequently, before things were regularly checked for lead.

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baby rice cereal has high amounts of lead and arsenic that is why I will only use the baby oatmeal


Baby cereal had a lot of iron in it but your water could also have high amounts that’s why they say to use bottled or filtered water. But if it’s so high it won’t be from a toy or furniture it’ll be from food or water.

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Had a friend who experienced this with her daughter, the final determination was never concretely decided but it was thought the dollar store jewelry that she loved was a significant contributing factor. You have to use caution when using checked older glazed dishes and enameled pots and pans

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Water. Paint. Have you bought anything from wish and given it to your child … There are many ways. Does he go to daycare. I’ll tell you this I hope you took your child to the Dr and I hope you find the source because that’s very dangerous for your child

Why is it soooo hard to keep scrolling and mind your business instead making a rude or ignorant comment??? She isn’t asking for a diagnose and you do not need to know it all. She is simply asking a damn question is someone has experience this! Wtf YOU are part of what is wrong with world. Instead of using technology and all this social media frenzy for something POSITIVE and HELP each other… come with this bs.


There should be a state person who comes to your home and does a sample test of every surface in your home, as well as outside too. Literally every surface…ceiling to floor.

Eat lots of high iron foods and give Poly-vi-sol drops. The person from your local health department should be coming to your home to talk about all of this with you.

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Have you bought any toys from China or Wish lately? I heard many products coming over have lead in them. Good luck figuring this out.

This is a question for a doctor not doctor-wanna-be.

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My natural loving friend’s daughter did once. They figured out it was from playing in the dirt in their backyard. She was about 1-2 at the time.

It can be in the soil. I would Google what all lead can be found in and go down the list. Have someone come and check lead levels in and outside your home. There’s foods and drinks that lower lead levels in your body as well.

Could b a toy, or water pipes, or a bunch of other things. Its hard to say for sure but u definitely need to get everything checked

Artisan water… Have her drink it for 3 months ( you can reasearch it its the silica in the water that gets heavy metals out ) theres foods that get metals out too… Do you cook with metal… Maybe it is a toy, but id like to know how all these people keep saying test things for it… So my question is, how do you test things for metal ??

Could be a few things but definitely check the water. When my oldest child was a baby I had the exact same thing happen and couldn’t figure out exactly why, I checked all of her toys, date of the paint in the house etc. finally I switched to bottled water and a britta filter and she went from having a sky rocketed dangerous level of lead to completely under normal level.

How old is your child

Could be a number of things but has he had any new toys lately? Wish there was a bit more info like is he of teething age then we would know he probably puts everything in his mouth or older where it could be tap water!!! I sure hope you find out where it’s coming from.

paint used on toys from china have high lead in them …China is not regulated like the USA. Best toys are the ones made in America. I’m surprised your kids doctor hasn’t given you a list of items that tell you what to avoid. House dust or soil can cause it also