My child hits his head on purpose: Advice?

Has anyone else experienced their child hitting their head on purpose? My two-year-old son has recently started hitting his head on the ground when he doesn’t get his way. He doesn’t kick or scream while throwing a tantrum just hits his head on the ground or wall and then looks at us and points to what hurts. We have tried ignoring him when he does this, putting him in a time out chair, and babying him. Nothing so far has made him stop. I’m concerned he is really going to hurt himself. We also have a six month old, so I thought it had to do with not getting enough attention but he only does it when we tell him no or he doesn’t get his way. Thank you for your help.


Ignore him and walk away…he’s doing it for attention. My little brother did the same thing when he was little. It’s just a phase.

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My son did this when he was young. Its a phase. He did it one time so hard he did hurt himself (he cried) it didn’t last long after that… he is now 14 and is fine… no worries Mama.

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Its normal. Just dont let him hurt himself lol. Careful tho. Moms on this page are so judgey that him smacking his head on purpose is going to be your fault! I find this page useless half the time and just wind up arguing with people on it


Yep, he would bang his head on stuff. Dr said its a phase. And it was.

My son did this as well. The pediatrician said to ignore it, he was doing it for a reaction. It was a phase he grew out of after a while.

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My son did be outgrew it quickly

My 1 year old does it she thinks it’s funny.:woman_shrugging:t3:

Before you get all the normals, my oldest did this and he has autism and adhd and did this. He still does this from time to time, but not as much. Honestly, I wouldn’t ignore it. I would make him stop and talk to him why it’s not good and how he can really hurt himself.


You’ll just have to ride this one out I’m afraid. My son was the same, his communication’s and frustrations are not as easily expressed at that age xx

Make extra sure there are no ear or sinus issues going on.
My 2 year old grandson started doing that & acting out & he ended up needing tubes in his ears for inner ear infections & daily sinus medication.
The head hitting has now stopped & his behavior is much better.

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My son used to do this. The doctor said he won’t do it hard enough to hurt himself. But he did and ended up needing staples in his head. As soon as the doctor finished putting the staples in my son got mad and smashed his head again right there in the emergency room. He finally outgrew it as he got older

My son did the same thing when he was around 1 or 2. He eventually stopped on his own not long after

My daughter use to gag herself or hold her breath when she got mad. They just do it to see reactions of others. Just ignore they’ll eventually stop doing it.

My son does this because he has a sensory processing disorder not saying yours have it but its normal for my kid to do it .

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I teach children with disabilities. My son also has autism. Please don’t ignore this. It’s a sign of not enough stimulation. Could be signs of developmental delay.


My 2 year old thinks its funny he doesnt do it when he mad though but he still does it idk y but he does we tell him to stop and he will

Ya just walk away and don’t feed into it. My kids dr once said they’ll never do it again if it really hurt that bad

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Wow that is scary. Sorry your having to deal with that.

My middle did this a lot. He outgrew it thankfully