My child holds foods in her mouth without swallowing: Advice?

Anybody else has a child who chews their food and just holds it in their mouth without swallowing it? My daughter does this, and it drives me crazy. It’s only when she is eating something she doesn’t like, which is veggies and anything green. I tell her if she swallows it, it’ll be done and over with, but she just holds it there then when she collects all the saliva and food, she either gives in and swallows a little bit, gags because it’s a gross feeling, or spits it all out. Does anybody have any advice? I wish she ate like my nephew who eats everything literally without any fight or trouble.

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We use to have to pinch our daughters cheeks as she was a cheeker with her food. Sometimes she’d swallow other times she’d spit it out. She grew out of it though.

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You don’t eat things that you don’t like. Why do we continue to push children to eat things that they obviously don’t like?


Mine does this with ground beef :face_vomiting: i usually try to offer him a drink to “wash it down” but it doesnt always work :pleading_face: hopefully just a phase bc i havent figured anything else out yet

Stop making her eat things she doesn’t like. Do you eat things you don’t like?


It could be a texture issue. Don’t force the child to continue to eat it. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I hide my veggies in foods that I cook. But when I dont I just give them a super small serving of it and I show them that I eat it as well

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Stop making her eat things she does not like.

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I would give naked juice with meals. If she isn’t wanting to eat veggies.

Probably texture issue

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Well if she doesn’t like it… she shouldn’t have to eat it…


Its not healthy to force kids to eat things they don’t like. Taste budd change as they get older so just offer the different foods, and they might possibly like them later (or maybe not) but they will definitely never have a chance to possibly like them if you are forcing them


I’ve had the same problem, I have 4 children, 3 of them being girls n the middle 2 have both done this. It drove me crazy too but she will grow out of it, it seems to be a phase mine have gone through n they’ve grown out of it now so don’t despair :smile:

I have similar problem my two old son doesn’t like anything. I thought as he grows he will change but nop instead he is worse

and it hurts me a lot

Don’t force kids to eat anything. We don’t eat things we don’t like why should they


Don’t force her to eat things she doesn’t like, we don’t as adults… but if you really need her to eat veggies because she won’t eat any of them try making homemade tomato soup … put whatever veggies you want her to eat in it and use lots of tomatoes and seasoning and then an immersion blender to mix it …:. Add a grilled cheese on the side and don’t mention the veggies … she won’t even know they are there.

Maybe try hiding her veggies in mash potato or cover them in sauce…
Kids NEED to eat veggies, can’t believe some of the comments I am reading :woman_facepalming:
I don’t like drinking water either, I’d prefer vodka but I still drink it because I need to :rofl:


I would get her a kids health shake and get power greens. Shake the power greens with the shake and give it to her in a cup. Its yummy and she wont even be able to tell she has a whole serving of veggies in it. Also if it’s a texture issue it should resolve it as the power greens are in a powder form and mixed with the shake

My son would only eat hot dogs for like 8 months when he was 4ish. I took him to the pediatrician, he told me he would grow out of it and to let him but he probably won’t touch one when he’s older. Lol. He’s 29 and gags at the sight of a hot dog. :joy:

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I haven’t figured this out I know some people make kids eat what they dont like in turn it’s the same people that does this you watch and they dont eat what they dont like

Why are you making her eat things she doesn’t like?