My child is a very picky eater: What can I do?

My two-year-old is now one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever seen! He uses to eat anything and everything I would put in front of him. He literally will only eat popcorn chicken, sloppy Joe’s, pasta, corn, mac and cheese, fish sticks, pizza, and a cheeseburger. When I make dinner nine times out of 10, I’m resorting to making him popcorn chicken, and it’s driving me insane! What can I do to get him to eat other foods? He won’t even drink the pediasure drinks. What do you other mommas do when your kids don’t eat?


Lol jk :laughing: never works


I give in and let my son eat whtever he wants. His pediatrician said its better to have him eat wht he wants then to not eat at all…also wht helps is let them help in the kitchen. When ur making dinner have them help u. And when its done have them taste wht they made. Thts helped me alot


Mine is the same way. She even refuses to eat her favorite foods sometimes! It’s ridiculous! But she will sneak over and eat dog food any chance she can get :woman_facepalming:t2:


That’s a lot of food he will eat at least. Once my 2 year old would only eat yogurt! She grew out of it thankfully. Hopefully yours will too.

Your baby eats those foods because that’s what you chose to feed him the past year. Only yourself to blame.


There are plates online and they’re a little path to a treasure chest where you can put in a little chocolate or something, I’ve seen online people will put safe foods in most of the squares and one non safe food and you have to follow the little path to get the surprise

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Will he drink chocolate milk? I make my picky eater chocolate carnation instant breakfast. It’s the same nutrition of a meal. If he needs to gain weight make it with half and half

Your kid eats more then mine! Lol! Don’t sweat it my doctor said give them what they will eat or let them go hungry till they do eat new things… nothing works lol

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They sit there until they eat. If they fall asleep, guess what’s for breakfast the next day? This mama don’t play or waste perfectly good food because they wanna be picky.


Make him what he likes, but put other options on the plate. Praise him for touching the food, playing with it. Massive praise for trying it. Don’t punish him for not eating what’s on his plate. My son was fussy when he was younger. He now eats or at least tries everything I give him. Important to not put any pressure on him to try the food. Getting him to help cook food may be useful too. X

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Our daughter was like this, still is at times…shes 3. We started putting food we eat at dinner on her plate so she can try, and to our surprise, she eats them sometimes! Sometimes she doesn’t but thats ok, as long as they have a full belly and are healthy, they will get there. My son is 17 and took him forever to try new foods, now he eats more variety then me!

Don’t listen to douchy comments i have 7 kids 2 are super super picky and we have tried EVERYTHING …feed them what they will eat do ur best to offer new foods my picky eaters are now 12 and 14 and my 14 year old is the pickiest and hes almost 6 feet and is healthy…he eats waffles green apples watermelon turkey spinach pizza only cheese crackers and scrambled eggs haha for real he too went through a popcorn chicken faze he now hates it haha u will be ok and so will your child


Mine is the same way. I just let her eat whatever they grow out of the picky stage.

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If mine won’t eat he goes to bed hungry he usually gives in

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Sounds like he eats wayyy more different things than my 5 year old. :joy::joy:

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If you always cave and make what they would rather have they will always refuse what they dont want to try or dont feel like eating. You need to put your foot down and be the parent. They will not starve themselves.

From the mum of a fussy eaten your sons list of food is great actually. I wouldn’t worry, as long as he’s healthy and alert. My sons 12 and still only has 4 foods he will eat, he does have an asd diagnosis. His pead said just feed him what he will eat. He has regular bloods and he’s totally healthy. Again, don’t stress x

My 2 yr old is the same. Used to eat everything and now he has no interest in it unless its yogurt, cheerios, apples, bananas or corn. I started making him oatmeal in the morning or eggs and putting a couple sprinkles on top and he eats the whole thing 🤷

Your kid eats great compared to mine.