My child is constantly being bad: Advice?

Has anybody had a kid that is so bad? Like to the point that you go places and you just end up leaving early cuz, you can’t handle the embarrassment of how bad they are. Like he’ll fight with the kids, talk back to you, tell him to stop screaming, and they scream even louder, time out don’t do shit. Taking things away doesn’t do anything either. You take things away like scissors cuz he has cut himself several times trying to cut something, and he ends up getting the again. I tried to put it in the Highest places, and he ends up finding stuff. He’s thrown trash over the fence t the neighbor’s house. It’s just too much to write I’m so lost of what to freaking do. I just come home and cry he sees me and says he’s gonna behave but 5 minutes later he starts acting bad again. I don’t know what else to do


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Have you contacted the Dr? May be more than bad behavior? I’m not one to say medicate or something is wrong but talk to the Dr and if no underlying issue is found then counseling for him and you!

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A good spanking should do.


I would check with drs could be sensory issues and change or anxiety.


my son was the same way. he was diagnosed with ADHD & ODD (oppositional defiance disorder). the bad behavior is the ODD part. look into it.


Your language speaks volumes


Maybe contact ur doctor could be more too him acting out

You could see if there is parenting classes offered near you. I took one when I had a child at my daycare that was pretty difficult and out of hand. It helped me alot!

Definitely see a doctor even a kids therapist! There are books as well. We can all tell you are overwhelmed! I think there may be a sensory issue ( & folks you cant beat the issues out of the child for all you “bust his butt” people)
Definitely speak to his pediatrician

Consistency is key with kids. Set a schedule and stick to it. That helps loads of kids even with behavioral issues. Next, consider diet. If you’re feeding him processed stuff, stop for a while and see if real food helps.


A good smack might help :thinking:


Bust his ass!! So sick of people using ADHD for a excuse. My son has it but best believe he is not rude or disrespectful! I’m sorry your going through that.

My daughter was the same she went to doctor and councelers and they said she had odd and adha and mood disorder she has to be on medication she was getting in trouble in school etc she is doing better since on meds

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Kids are sponges, sounds to me like he’s repeating & acting the way he’s seen others act.

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I’m all about a spanking…but has he been seen by a doc for this?

Doctor would be the first step and parenting classes are amazing and being consistent is key. Hang in there momma.

Sounds like he may need help. Getting him talking to someone who can help you out.

My youngest is like this too, he has ADHD/ODD/pretty significant sensory processing issues. He is angry and defiant and violent and vindictive and he is also very sheltered, I am a nice, soft spoken person and he certainly didnt learn it from our family. Hes wired differently and needs therapy and medical help. Spanking just makes him worse and triggers his vindictiveness


Sounds like he needs an old fashioned spanking!