My child is sick, what can I do to make him feel better?

Please post. My son is 20 months old, and he woke up with a terrible cold he is co heated n has a bad cough he woke up a lot last night which isn’t normal cause he sleeps through the night I have him Tylenol and then he went right to bed. But this morning it is worse but hey I know it’s the cold and flu season I just gave him some zarbee’ s and I am keeping him hydrated and put his humidifier in his room any other tips? I have a two-month-old who I do not want to get sick, so I’m not going to bring him by his big brother until he feels better…is that wrong of me? He is just so little I don’t want him to get sick…


Take him to the Dr!!!


My dr advised this…if your child is woken up throughout the night with a cough they must see a dr !

Yes please take him to the doctor. A cold or flu can easily turn into pneumonia.


Vicks (in the UK) on their feet and socks on at bedtime helps them feel and sleep better and acts as a decongestant but won’t rid the cold/infection x


Lysol spray all your door knobs for light switches the doors for the kids touch them and open them and show them anywhere the kids can reach spray with Lysol to kill the germs from the virus

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Doctor visit asap. Dont play with ur baby’s health

Dr and yes keep them separated!! Wash your hands a lot!

Definitely take your child to their pediatrician

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I do not take baby illness lightly, I would always seek medical treatment.


Yes keep baby away from big bro

I would Lysol the whole house to prevent spreading germs. Hope your son feels better soon :pray::pray::pray:

Look, I went to the doctor yesterday because my sinus pressure was so bad. I have the freakin flu! No fever, coughing, sore throat or body aches. Do not take chances with your children!

My granddaughter has the same. The doctor told them to take her to children’s hospital. They think she has whooping cough. So call your doctor or take them to the hospital.

with my little one I give a lavender chamomile bubble bath at bed time then rub maty’s all natural baby chest rub. along with alt. tylenol & advil and use zarbies caugh syrup. and of course if there’s no improvement or fever is real high to the dr. we go.

Bring your 20month baby to dr dont chance just a cold ck it out


Onion cut in half in room

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Dr with all this mosquito crap don’t take a chance said they found deer with the disease in Fenton!!!

Go to the doctor. Not Facebook!!! :woman_facepalming:t4:


Ummm… how about take him to the doctor!!!

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