My child makes himself sick when he doesn't get his way: Advice?

What to do about a child who makes themselves puke? It happens when he doesn’t get his way, after he’s been told no several times, he’ll cry so hard he throws up. I think he does it intentionally now that he knows it’ll happen.


Let him get sick dont react to it. :woman_shrugging:


I know they would be cleaning it up…


My only real opinion is whatever you do DONT GIVE IN lol!!! Dont even react!! They feed off of that 100 percent!


I was this child… don’t do anything

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Dont react and make him clean it up. Dont acknowledge the behavior and stick to your word


My 3 yr old almost started that habit. He would cry, start gagging, and forcing himself. I didnt feed into it… he got out of it pretty quickly only happened 2 times

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My mom always told me if I throw up I’m gonna be eating it back up. I never did it again lol


Don’t give in to it & make your kid clean up their own mess. Put them in timeout for a few minutes after they’re done picking-up. You’ve got this! :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t react tell him he is cleaning it up. My daughter used to do it all the time. After cleaning it up herself she was done


My daughter did the same thing. I talked to her pediatrician and he said to nip it in the bud immediately. He was pro spanking (I am not). So our solution was to put her in the playpen and ignore it… sitting in vomit for a while is disgusting and it broke the habit.

Kids don’t make themselves cry till they throw up out of some malevolent desire to manipulate their caretaker. Some of y’all need therapy and your kids are going to need therapy. So ignorant.


My son throws big fits after hearing no too. I say no one wants to hear that noise if you wanna cry go cry in your room by yourself. When you’re done with your yelling and carrying on you can come out and join us. We give zero attention to the meltdowns. He eventually gets bored or lonely and comes out.

My son did this when he wouldn’t want to eat something so he’d eat it then make hisself throw up. So he was made to clean it up to and still had to finish eating his dinner after it. He only did it a few times after being made to clean it up.

Make him clean it up!!

My daughter use too do this an then eventually she learned it wasnt gonna be her way… dont give in.
Time out however doesnt work when ur child got adhd but she will clean up her own messes willingly.

Have him clean it up.

Ignore, stay calm and after make them help clean it up


Don’t give in, don’t overreact, just ignore becz if u do he/she will do it again and again. He/she’s not the boss. If he/she’s crying just let them be until he/she’s calm, if u overreact he/she will cry more. U can ask me anything :blush:

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Ignore it. And just leave the cleaning supplies there

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