My childrens dad's girlfriend tells my kids they can't stay the night at their dads: Advice?

My kid’s dad and gf have a bad relationship from what I can tell. So last night, my kids were supposed to send the night with him so he could take them to school. He comes picks them up, and 20 mins later, he calls that he is bringing the kids back. So when my kids get home, they start telling me that his GF was a mean. And that’s why they couldn’t stay the night. And this happens a lot he’ll get them and then turns around and brings them back. I don’t want to keep my kids from their dad. But I Get frustrated cause they ask me why they can’t go. And also they just had a baby, and my daughter wanted to buy her new baby brother something, so we did. And last night his GF wouldn’t even take it Told my daughter that the baby has plenty. I mean, if she didn’t want, she could’ve still taken it and not hurt her feelings She was so excited to give him the things she picked out at the store. HELP


Controlling n jealousy issues sounds like ??


Aww that’s so sad I don’t even know what to suggest. Why as the gf got such an issue with the children staying and really dad needs to put his foot down and say my kids are staying put and not bow down and bring them home. Poor children and poor you for having to deal with the consequences sounds like you may need to step in and say if it carry’s on becos your hurting the kids and it’s confusing them you can have them but don’t agree to any over night stays until he sorts him self out. Have you maybe thought to speak to the gf and see if there is any reasons she reacts this way? Woman to woman sometimes works good luck hope you manage to sort it out

That is absolutely terrible. The dad needs to intervene, and let his girlfriend know that his kids come first. If she can’t accept them, then she needs to go. I would maybe have a heart to heart talk with dad about how her actions are hurting the kids.


Sounds like complete jealousy. How horrible to treat his children that way. He needs to step up and raise his voice for them, and let her know that they are still his kids reguardless and them not being able to spend the night is just ridiculous. My daughter recently told me that her dads 2nd wife was mean to them as well, shes lucky they are divorced now and my children dont have to deal with her anymore because I would have messaged her and told her how it is…


Sounds like the dad’s GF has some major control/jealousy issues. Unfortunately, your ex doesn’t have the backbone to put his foot down with her in regard to your children. You need to have a conversation with both of them because that’s hurting your kids. You as the mother cannot allow her emotional issues and insecurities effect your children’s psyche. Explain to your ex how it’s effecting his kids and the long term issues this could cause for them. Im sure he’s not going to want them thinking he chooses her over them but that’s what’s going to happen.


Omg. He needs to grow a pair and let her know it’s not acceptable to treat your kids like that. If he doesn’t then i would. I put my ex’s gf in her place more than once. She don’t have to like you but refuse to let her treat your kids like that.

sounds like the gf is hormonal and their home is not stable at this time, its better for the children not to stay if it causes a hostile environment. I would talk to their father about other arrangements, possibly taking them earlier in the day and out of the house to do an activity where the gf is not around. They still need their father, but the father and gf need to work out whatever issue she has with your kids being around.


Protect your kids and keep them away from that negative situation.


Unfortunately you don’t have a say so in what happens at their house. Until “dad” grows a pair, what she says goes. I wouldn’t want my kids over there with her acting like that.

Dad needs to stop being a little wussy and put his foot down, also a woman to woman just might be necessary. If not don’t let your kids over there. She obviously doesnt ike them and is already emotionally abusive to them


Sounds like this new chick needs a knot jerked in her tail…the man needs to actually be a man. If he allows his children to be treated so poorly by the new chick…he isn’t much of a man or a father.


Sit down and talk with them. Unfortunately they are a unit. And if she isnt willing to cooperate then sit him down and express your concerns cause honestly your childrens mental health is just as important as there physical health and this is wrong. She shouldnt be acting this way and he needs to step up and tell her. Her jealousy for your children isn’t healthy. If they cant change then momma you need to make a change for them. Maybe not have them stay and just have a few hours of just him with the kids.


First of all your kids come first. And yes his child with her too. But she should have known he had kids before she hooked up with him.So it sounds to me he’s letting her control him. He needs to MAN up!!!JS


It is a terrible situation. I will give him credit for bringing the children back home instead if keeping them in an obviously bad environment. Talk to dad and compromise on how the children can still spend time with him even if it’s not sleeping over.

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Bottom line what is important…

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Why send your kids someplace mean? Supervised visits until his shit gets together

Sounds like your going to have to “man up” and tell him he needs to man up and start acting like a real father. Children always come first. He needs to grow a backbone and tell his gf that your 2 children and the new baby are all equally important. And that she needs to start acting like it.


Tell him he better pick his priorities right!!! NO woman comes between a father and his kids… if shes a bitch like that he needs to wake the f up and realize obviously she isn’t the one for him. I cant stand a ugly bich for real. You know your dating a man with kids if you dont like the fact he has kids then move the f on these poor kids dont need to.put up with your jealous ass.


Sounds like he needs to reevaluate his relationship with that woman. If she cant accept that he had a family prior to getting together she needs to take a hike!