My childs daycare provider tested positive for COVID: Advice?

Hey mamas. We just received word that our daycare provider tested positive for covid. On the day the provider started having symptoms, our son was at daycare. Since then, our son has had a runny nose and has been sneezing (no fever), and it has me worried even though it may not be covid. Has anyone else had their daycare provider test positive? If so, when did you have your babe return to daycare?


Yes he should tested, and quarantined.

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Take them out of daycare and get them tested.

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Quarantine until you get everyone tested and make sure you get a negative test from your provider before you return


It probably is covid. A kid I was watching had covid and he didn’t have a fever. Just a runny nose and feverish eyes. Luckily I realized he was sick. Dosed him up, let him play with a bag of random toys and after he left I washed the toys and sanitized my house. No one else got it… At the time I was sure it was just a little cold. Sounds like your kid may have covid. In my opinion. Worth getting it checked out

My provider tested positive. The kids had to quarantine for 14 days from the last interaction day with daycare. Health dept. didn’t require my kids being tested. But regardless they did have to quarantine.

Yes. He had to quarantine for 14 days but he still couldn’t back for another week because her husband tested positive too.

You all need to be tested and quarantined. If you have been in contact wither other you you notify them as well

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Get tested. But kids seem to bounce back faster. It’s always worrisome for parents but get him tested and keep him comfortable.

If it has been more than 5 days then he be tested talk to your doctor

My 3 year old had Covid and his only symptoms were runny nose and sneezing. No one in the family had before or after.

Test him…Now! Hugs and prayers :pray::heart:

Call his pediatrician and they will guide you on what needs to be done and for how long also call your doctor so they can decide if they want you and hubby tested for they may say quarantine for 14 days and to call if you start showing signs for they sometimes don’t have you get tested until signs appear but for your child already showing signs the pediatrician may want to test him to be safe .plus you need to let everyone know that y’all have been around so they can watch for signs and possibly get tested themselves

Kids rarely get it. The exposure isn’t the worst. This virus typically isn’t at all deadly. Herd immunity.


He needs to be tested as a contact and he needs to quarantine 14 days after his last exposure with the day care provider. If he does come back positive, his isolation time will be 10 days. Also, two of my children had Covid, myself as well. My 8 month old daughter was a little fussy, with a dry cough and did quite well. My 7 year old son had symptoms for 1 hour. He complained of leg aches and said his head was burning up. His temp was 101.9 Took some Tylenol and a nap. No longer any symptoms after that. Me on the other hand, had horrible/excruciating body aches.

It’s 10 days from first symptom for child. Mom if you are the caregiver then it’s 14 days for you from his last day of symptoms, especially if he has a fever. My husband had it over Thanksgiving and this is what our health dept said.

He needs to be tested. If it is Covid the good news is that he seems to have a mild case, but you need to be aware for the sake of the rest of your family

Family needs to be tested and quarantine until the test results come back. Quarantine length depending on which state you are in of course.

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Just went through this we had to wait 5 to 7 days before even getting tested as long as there was no symptoms on the 7th day got tested took 2 days and came back negative

If he has quarantined for 14 days has he had a flu shot ? Allergies? I think I would be most concerned if he is asthmatic or has any other breathing problems. If he doesn’t have any other symptoms I would call Pediatrician first … and and find out if any of the other children had it.