My childs daycare provider tested positive for COVID: Advice?

You have to isolate for ten days (UK) and then get them tested if they show many symptoms.

Quarentine and get tested

BTW: runny nose/sneezing is more an anti-covid symptom…sounds more like a head cold.


You need to have him tested he has been in direct contact

If she tested positive his whole class should be quarantined for two weeks.
I am a preschool teacher who has been through two quarantines, I haven’t had it but had to quarantine because of coworkers.
Keep the changing weather in mind for causes but definitely get tested if mommy gut tells you to.


I get many people say get your child test. I wouldn’t do to how uncomfortable and how bad it hurts. I would watch him and take him in if any other symptoms appear. I would take him out of daycare for as long as possible.


My child’s daycare teacher tested positive for covid and she had to quarantine for 2 weeks. Nothing else ever came about it.

I had covid a few weeks ago and my only symptoms were similar to a head cold. Stuffy runny nose

This happened to us right before Thanksgiving. They sent him home to quarantine with one of us and he was able to return to school and daycare 14 days later.

It doesn’t sound like covid - mainly because of the sneezing which is not a typical symptom of covid. If your child had exposure then they would have to quarantine.

One of my daughters classmates tested positive and we quarantined 14 days (in July). We did get tested as it was provided by the state for all daycare families.


Get him tested then send him back if he is well. They should have cleaned the school and sent the provider home until they are well.

Get your child tested and quarantine your household. All of y’all have been exposed!!:woman_facepalming:t4:

Common fkn sense people!!!

Cases wouldn’t be so bad if people would take this seriously!! Think of others who may not be as fortunate and isolate yourselves if you are exposed! It’s not a damn joke!!+

I keep seeing questions like this. Call your pediatrician with these questions and have your child tested. You should also get tested. Your family needs to quarantine because you have been exposed to a confirmed case.


Son is in kindergarten and both teacher and teacher aid tested positive. They closed the class for 2 weeks. We monitored our son and ourselves during that time. He did start with a mild runny nose and complained of a sore throat. That night he took a warm shower and we ran the humidifier all night. Next day he was like nothing. I’m not sure where the sore throat and congestion came from, probably from the weather and heater running in our house. But our son was okay and went back to school after the 2 weeks when they reopened with different teachers for the time being until his teachers are ready to come back.

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Your suppose quaratine 10 days

My child was quarantined in November from direct contact with a positive case at her daycare and we never had her tested we just quarantined and monitor. I wouldn’t recommending testing unless symptoms start to appear because testing is very traumatic for children. Also who’s to say when they’re tested it’s negative and a few days later they start showing symptoms and pop positive and you’d have to test them twice

Sneezing is a symptom. I understand not wanting to have young ones tested, but definitely quarantine at least 10 days.

My daughters first grade teacher was the first exposure at her school a week before Christmas break and it sent the entire class home… we have a 3 month old and 3 year old at home so the first call I made was to her pediatrician and they told me keep her home for 10 days. Mask her and try to avoid contact with her siblings. No symptoms, no test. If she started to show symptoms wait 48 hrs before bringing her in to get a more accurate test. Luckily nothing ever came of it.

My kids teacher and bus mate had it. My kids were quarantined during this time with my husband while I avoided contact for 2 weeks. Enough of the school got it that they shut down for 3 weeks. My children never developed symptoms, but I still kept them home, even covering some of the oldest kids shifts at work, to keep his job for him.

My daughter’s school said she was in close contact with someone with covid. We had to quarantine for 10 days( no symptoms and no reason to test really)