My childs daycare provider tested positive for COVID: Advice?

I had a lady in my home that tested positive luckily none of us got it

My daughters teacher tested positive and the rules were that she had to isolate at home for 14 days (which changed to 10 part way through) but I kept her home for 3 + weeks as it was just before Christmas

We didn’t test my 5 yo after exposure. She never showed symtoms. We all quarantined for the 14 days.

I thought is was 14 days quarantine if you have been exposed/tested positive/ have symptoms…
And if you feel like you’ve been in close contact to be tested.

Anytime someone has tested positive for covid whether it was a teacher or a child at my son’s daycare the daycare had to shut down and follow CDC guidelines and everyone had to quarantine for 14 days before they could even return

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My house is working on getting over covid, but my daughter, niece and nephew all had sneezing, running noses and a little bit of a cough but no fever.

Just quarantine. If symptoms get worse like ER worse then go in. No need to get tested it’s a virus so let it run it’s course.

If your child was exposed to covid and is now having symptoms of an illness I’d have them tested before they go anywhere…


One of the most popular symptom is nasel problems so I would call pediatrician for sure!!

Ours did. We quarantined with baby for 14 days and then went back. Ours also had a runny and cough. He was tested and was negative. Hope that makes you feel a bit better. Babies in daycare are hard to know if it is covid or just the normal germs they get from daycare.

You quarantine for 10 days. She really shouldn’t have had your son there when she knowingly had symptoms, that sits wrong with me but it’s too late to do anything.

Good luck mama!!! :two_hearts:


They should have shut down the facility or at least his room for 14 days.
I am a child care provider and that is what our state requires us to do.

Yes, I got her tested we followed to quarantine recommendations since she was exposed and she has not gone back… that was in June… since then I have found a sitter who also has a child so she’s still getting interaction daily with another little one

I am a daycare provider if myself or anyone in my care were to test positive we would all need to be tested and quarantine for a minimum of 10 days if negative and if I was positive I would need to quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.

My sons therapist had it and we just had to quarantine for a week. He didn’t show symptoms and none of my other kids got sick

Get your child tested for covid it’s called common sense good grief


We have had this and DHS and the hospital were contacted. We quarantined for 2 weeks

If you don’t wanna test, quarantine and call it a day.

We had a teacher test positive for covid at the daycare I worked at and they quarantined both teacher and all the kids from that class for 14 days!! Then a few weeks later we had more teacher, kids and parents test positive and they closed the center down for 2 weeks!! Idk if I would get me kid treated just because I know how bad it is!! I have had it done 5 times!! But you have to do what you feel is best for your child!! Go with your gut!!

Take him to get tested wait for test results or Stay at home for 20 days and self isolate. No one leaves or comes to the house. Get food delivered/dropped off.