My childs father has cheated and is still talking to the girl: Advice?

If you can’t just leave yet, if you still love him or feel for him… the best thing to do is set boundaries for yourself so you can disconnect then leave.
Feel good about yourself, do your hair get fancy for you.
Don’t do small things for him or give him attention. Focus on you and your son, disconnect (no sex no kissing no talking about it)& find yourself enough strength to leave.
This isn’t the first time, so you gave him another chance for it not to happen again but it did so it will happen again again and again if you allow it, he doesn’t respect you.


Time to have him pack and leave cause sounds like he didn’t change nor will he change. If he loved u and his family then he would have changed and proved it.

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Hes cheated on you and still doing it after you’ve gave him another chance he clearly doesn’t have any respect for you or plans on being faithful pack his bags and dont let a man treat you like that you deserve better x

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He just showed you you’re not what he wants and now he thinks he can live the double life. Kick him to the curb because he will never change.

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Sounds like this cycle will continue until you put an end to it. I suggest ending the cycle now before your son sees this behavior and might think it’s ok because his dad does it. Before you end it, make sure you have the money and a place to go. Get everything figured out before you end it. But figure it out now. Don’t wait.

What would you tell your friend to do if she were in the same position? Or your son if his future partner were doing the same? You don’t need strangers on the Internet to tell you what to do. Have some respect for yourself and don’t ever take him back again. Never ever stay in a broken relationship for the kids sake. Trust me from life experience the child will always be affected


He’s having his Cake and eating it to, are you okay with sharing his attention… cause I’d be like welp :wave:t3:


Leave, your being played!

Once a cheater always a cheater specially when you take them back. They feel its okay to do it again once you let your guard down thinking they are being loyal

Let lil ugly have him sis :v:t3:


Know your worth girl.

If you want to.get back with him you must accept he isn’t faithful and this is how it is it doesn’t stop this prob is the one and only I just think it comes down to is he worth that and go with it.

Ask yourself one question… If what he does is what you want to live with, then by all means keep him so he’ll continue doing it. If that’s not what you want to go along with, then vacate the premises. Simple

Say goodbye. You’re the only one focusing on this relationship. Free yourself. Save yourself the trouble

You’re going to stay until you absolutely loathe him. And thats okay. Just make sure you are putting you and your son first. Working things out with him should not top those priorities. Everyone is gonna tell you to leave. But you have to be ready otherwise you will always take him back.

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He is cheating because he has nothing to lose. He showed you who he was the first time he did it…and you took him back.


let that thing go . from here to a year you’ll feel relief. although you’re a type of person if so to be with one guy and dedicate your life to someone whom you started your life with isn’t with you on the same page… you don’t stop your life. GO . LEAVE. DONT LOOK BACK

He’s not going to stop unless HE wants to stop. Start building your strength to leave. I’ve been close to there. Have you tried to speak to the OW? Ask him how he would feel and what he would do if tables were turned.

You need to discover your self worth because we only allow people to treat us the way we think they should. He doesn’t sound loyal or sound like he respects you. You are worth more than what you are receiving from him. Personally I would work on co-parenting with him and that’s all.

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Been there done that you deserve better. Leave and don’t look back.