My childs father told me he wants nothing to do with our son: Advice?

Advice needed, so the father of my child said he doesn’t want anything to do with our child, I have sent several messages to him about our boy as he may have epilepsy?? Under hospital investigations. He ignored all of them for a week, rang last night at 1 am, I missed it cause I was asleep so I rang he didn’t pick up, so I have sent a couple more messages this week to keep informed about our son, still no reply should I not bother in the further or keep messaging him about our son (we were in a relationship but a very toxic one) police and social services have been involved) he asnt seen our son this year.


Kids probably better off without him if he’s doing this.


As hard as it may be, she needs to stop attempting to communicate with the child’s other parent. He’s fully aware they have a child. He doesn’t care.


My ex left saying he was tired of taking care of others. I worked hard to keep him involved. My boys saw how fake it was and now are hurt men who want nothing to do with him. Cut your losses and ignore the fake studies. A mother is enough. You will do better without him. Find others to provide support.

It looks to me like he doesn’t want to b a part of the child’s life. Forget about him and file for child support.


You can’t force a man to be a father. Forget him and focus on your son. If he is ill, he will need all for attention and does not need the stress of an on again/off again half ass sperm donor anyway. Keep the toxicity away from your son. Don’t invite it in. Good luck.


You probably know the all ready

Just get child support from him

Move on to hell with him

Enough putting energy into informing him about your son. Turn that energy towards the care for your son.


Put him on child support and forget about him being in ur son’s life

If he’s that abusive as a partner, you really don’t want your child around him at all. Leave the man be and run the other way. He doesn’t want you or the kid.

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Can’t force someone to be a parent and even if you could, they more than likely won’t be a very decent one. A wise judge once told me this and I took the advice and ran. Everyone is happier if you don’t force it. Best of luck in the future!


Have him sign off all rights to your child so he can’t come back later wanting anything from you or the child.

I hate seeing people say forget about him and file for child support. This still gives them the ability to have rights! Having them sign off all rights is the only way to guarantee that they can’t come back wanting visitation later! Don’t be using your baby for money and potentially putting him in risk later to have to be with this person

Ur kid isnt losing out. the deadbeat dad is. Keep it pushing. He will grow up and regret what he has done to ur son and karma will get him.


I’m confused why you’re even calling him when he already told you he wants nothing to do with him.

It truly sounds to me like you are still in the toxic relationship. I do not see the need to keep him informed unless you share custody and if you do and he is not involved you need to clarify this immediately. You can not force him to be a parent but you do need to complete control of your child’s well being this means having complete custody. You do not want to be the position of needing his approval for a procedure or treatment and he is no where to be found.

Ok so leave it alone. Screw him your child is better off without. You can’t force him to care or parent do your job as a mother stay strong and keep pushing forward.

Stop trying. If that’s what he wants give it to him but he damn well shouldn’t get away with not paying child support. File.