My childs father told me he wants nothing to do with our son: Advice?

Advice needed, so the father of my child said he doesn’t want anything to do with our child, I have sent several messages to him about our boy as he may have epilepsy?? Under hospital investigations. He ignored all of them for a week, rang last night at 1 am, I missed it cause I was asleep so I rang he didn’t pick up, so I have sent a couple more messages this week to keep informed about our son, still no reply should I not bother in the further or keep messaging him about our son (we were in a relationship but a very toxic one) police and social services have been involved) he asnt seen our son this year.


Hun I would put all your energy into your boy and wait for the father to contact you about him. I would also ignore him if I were in the relationship. Your all in or your all out. Best of luck with your Prince.


Very sad :disappointed_relieved: but if I was you I’d keep sending updates…at least your doing the right thing even if he dosen’t message back…at lest your conscience is clear…all the best for you and your son…:heart:

Stop worrying about him. If he doesn’t care that’s his loss. File for support so you aren’t busting your ass for nothing while he’s out running and keep your focus on you and your kid.

You are in a relationship. Even a toxic one but he hasn’t seen ir asked about his son in a year?

I’m so confused.

His loss. You’ve tried multiple times to update him. If he’s concerned, he can reach out to you. Just focus on your son, he’s the only one that matters.

If he isn’t trying why are you? Leave the man be and raise that boy. If he cared then he would contact you and actually be there. A year and a toxic relationship should’ve told you enough. Move on girl.


I would not bother then u have to share ur son with a guy you might not know as well as you thought. Every kid needs two parents but this seems to be less healthier as if he just didn’t come around at all.

I would update once a month for 3 months, if still no response, update every 6 months, again still no response walk away knowing that you tried. Don’t forget to document everthing, make sure all your ducks are in a row just in case your ex tries to pull a fast one like trying to be the perfect father in the eyes of his newest relationship, oh and my the way if he does that he has told the new girlfriend it was all you being a bitch a d not letting him be a father. That’s why you document everything. Plus if you go for child support any evidence of him not wanting to be a part of your sons life could be helpful in court

Dont waste ur time or energy. I know it hurts but u and ur child are better off. U dont want someone like this and show ur kid this is how a dad is supposed to love him. Teach him to be a better and man just move on. Keep ur head up

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  1. Ensure that he provides financial support, legally if necessary. This includes hospital expenses. 2. Notify him in cases of medical emergencies, but not for assistance, as you are no longer living together. 3. Give him the option to see your child, e.g. once a month, fixed time and place, but if he won’t take the offer, don’t waste your time.

Stop trying, if he doesn’t care then it’s a waste of time. Take care of the little man. Focus on him and yourself

Any medical he has legal say so just do your best by txting, and if anyone asks at least u have proof you have made communication to him… … it sucks but thats what i was told by a lawyer as i am not with my eldest sons father and even tho he has nothing to do with him he still has rights …

If he was concerned then he would reach out. It’s his job as a father to check on his son. If he told you he doesn’t want anything to do with him then leave him alone. File for custody and child support and move on. Don’t stress yourself out more trying to force him to be a father.


Keep updating him and Keep all the messages you send him, then you have proof you have tried to inform him About your son.

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I would send updates but other than that I wouldn’t waste your time! Focus it all on your son and be the best mom/dad combo you can be!! You’ve got this mama!!

Honestly…u should stop reaching out to him. If he wanted to be a part of his sons life he would be. U focus on yr son and yrself. He will come around with time or just leave it the way it is. Either way, yr better off letting him figure that out and u just being there for yr son 100%.


you can’t make him love you , time to cut ties , move on …

Leave him alone, worry about you and your child. I wouldn’t even stress on child support, that’s just something every month that will drag out the month by wondering where its at, relying on it, it not being enough, so forth and so on. File for soul custody and once you have the papers just forget he ever existed.


Send one last message stating that this will be the last one from you about your son. If he wants further information, ball is now in his court, period!