My childs father told me he wants nothing to do with our son: Advice?

Advice needed, so the father of my child said he doesn’t want anything to do with our child, I have sent several messages to him about our boy as he may have epilepsy?? Under hospital investigations. He ignored all of them for a week, rang last night at 1 am, I missed it cause I was asleep so I rang he didn’t pick up, so I have sent a couple more messages this week to keep informed about our son, still no reply should I not bother in the further or keep messaging him about our son (we were in a relationship but a very toxic one) police and social services have been involved) he asnt seen our son this year.


DO NOT MESSAGE HIM ANYMORE, he is when and where wants to be.

Just file the necessary legal documents to take care of the obligations as father and it’s up to the Dad to be there or not, he is an adult and needs no reminder texts.

You now worry about your kid and his well being, not about your ex …he is a grown man!

Let Dad go!
he might regret it, but you already have enough on your plate and if Dad is not caring now why are you texting him to let him know every bit about your child…

just document the appointments missed or child visits missed, so that you can review the parenting arrangements in few years and possible you become fully responsible for your kiddo.

It’s horrible how easy is for some parents just to walk out their kids!! and … leaves the responsible adult dealing with it all :woman_facepalming:t2: …bills, sleepless night, raising him , etc.

You keep pouring love into your child, HE NEEDS YOU and deserves peace and love to grow healthy and happy :heartpulse:, you also need to focus on you and your kiddo.


Let it ride. Be there for your son and keep documentation of every time that man speaks to you. If he ever calls, record the conversation. They may come in handy in court one day. Aside from that, ignore the man. He doesnt deserve your energy. Your child does.


I know it sucks to do it alone but it sounds like you and your son are better off. Let sleeping dogs lie and wash your hands of him. Get it in writing though, if you haven’t already file for support through Domestic Relations. They should be able to note that he does not wish to be involved.


Honestly I would let him go but go after him for child support. If your son does have epilepsy that is going to be expensive for all of his doctor’s appointments and whatever else he made me to along the way. And for the father of your child to just bail out when times get hard is not okay. I would hit him with the punishment of Child Support

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While I agree you can’t make him be a parent, or to be involved … however you do need to keep him updated on your son’s health care… so if you have an email for him, send all information and instructions via email and ccc yourself and possibly an aunt or a mutual friend of yours. This way if he decides at some point to take you to court he won’t be able to claim you didn’t tell him


Nope, just let it be. You tried, and thats what matters. You pushed to get him to care about his kid, its all on him now. If he doesn’t want to be involved, that’s his loss. Your best course of action now is to focus on yourself and your baby and focus on giving him the best possible life you can give him.


I would follow the family lawyers advice. But don’t let his careless heart get you down. Your obviously a great mom and you and your child deserve the best. Prayers for you and your son.


If he doesn’t want to be in your child’s life, that is -his- loss, not your child’s. Surround your child with positive role models that -want- to be a part of your lives.


Drop him fast. People will say it’s very important for both parents to be involved. While that is true, it’s even more important to remove toxic people from your child’s life. Love your baby enough for two & it’ll all work out just fine. You’ll keep him from growing up to be like his father.


Let dad tell him and then move on. It sucks but there is probably a good reason why you don’t need him in your lives. Just hard to see it now.

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Never make any man be a parent. If he doesn’t want to be around then go on with your life.


If he asks inform him other than that stop. He clearly has no interest so stop wasting your time.


He doesn’t want to be a parent then let him go. Your children will be better without him. No contact needs to be made from you to him. Have the courts handle it.


Stop all contact. Not good for you or your son. Get full custody of your child. That is most important other than his health of course

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Let him go. He clearly doesn’t want any part, nor will he be a positive influence on your child if forced to be in his life. My son’s father left when he was 10 months old. I did not chase him. I raised my son to know he was loved, and that some people just aren’t ready/meant to be parents.

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Do yourself and your son a favor: go to court and get full primary (legal and sole) so you don’t ever have to put up with this again. And if “dad” is working, make sure you can get his insurance to cover your sons MD bills. Leave the guy alone. You did your part to include him.

As a mother, its time to “sack up” and be mom and dad and take charge. This guy can kick rocks.


Let it go. You have done all you can do to let him know what is going on. If he doesn’t want to be in his sons life then that’s on him and he will only regret it later on.

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STOP contacting him. You cant force a man to be a father if he doesnt want to be one. Focus on building a better life for you and your child.

You’re not his secretary to update him on his child. Its really simple. If he wants to be involved, he will. He makes an effort to ignore you too. Why are you putting more effort than him?